What We Love: Jungle Themed Bungalow

What We Love: Jungle Themed Bungalow

We are embracing the bold and natural look achieved when combining jungle themes with a bungalow feel. This new evolution in bohemian design combines jungle and bungalow décor and detail, creating an earthy and colorful style.

Follow our tips below to bring this urban jungle look to your home and browse our products to help get you started.

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1. Foliage, foliage, and more foliage

Whether they are real or faux, you will want to accentuate the jungle boho design with the use of plants. It’s all about bringing the outdoors inside and showing off your appreciation for natural beauty. Consider large leafy foliage or stunning succulents to help create your forest-home. Remember this look is based on your own personality, so adding house plants that suit your own style is key. You can also add leafy décor using art prints with leaf motifs.

Jungalow Trees

 2. Rediscover Vintage

Choosing vintage pieces, preferably from the 1950s, is another piece in this jungle theme design. Bring a retro vibe into your space with a sofa or chair that feature geometric lines, flared arms, and canted wooded legs. Pops of color will be easy to find in this era of furniture design which is the point of this particular style. Muted colors with thick fabrics will also work perfectly for this natural design if you are not ready to add a colorful sofa. You can easily bring in color and patterns using accent pillows and traditional patterned rugs. Don’t forget to decorate your walls with throwback décor styles like dramatic wool wall hangings or botanical wallpaper. 

Sofa Vintage

3. Mixed Mediums

Blend accents into your design that pair two different materials like; marble and metal or wood and metal. This pairing of materials is a hot trend all on its own and adding combination materials to your design will add a vintage touch with a cozy feel. You can also consider solo material accents like galvanized metal, gold finishes, and of course, wood and wicker.

Mixed Medium Bookcase

The core of this design is color, pattern and plants which is why we are loving this interior design style that provides a fresh contrast to minimalist all-white styles. Let us help you create your own urban jungle – you can find everything you need at AFW.com.