5 Tips to Achieving a Boho Chic Look

5 Tips to Achieving a Boho Chic Look

If the boho chic fits your vibe then you know that successfully coordinating all of the aspects that go into the look can be a huge challenge. To pull off the boho-look in your home decor takes that challenge to a whole new level. If you are trying to create a space that highlights your boho-chic side, here's a few tips and tricks to help you break through the noise and achieve a comfortable, stylish space that's all your own! 

Layer Patterns, Textures & Colors

Patterns, Colors & Textures

Circle Glass Metal Candle Holder || Charcoal Blue Sculpture || Floor Vases || Plants & Trees 

To encapsulate the carefree, energetic spirit of the boho-chic look, experiment with patterns and colors that you wouldn't traditionally put together. Metals, furs, fringes and fabrics can all be mixed and matched in new ways to complement each other and bring a room together. 

Use Rugs to Emphasize Your Theme

High Plains Multi Rug
High Plains Multi Rug

Large items like sofas and rugs can act as anchoring-items in a room. Using these bigger pieces to establish the major themes of your style will make the whole space feel much more put together!

Incorporate Some Pillows 

PillowsAged Iron Pillow || Gold Rabbit Faux Fur Pillow

Boho-chic is all about having fun with different materials and textures. Incorporating pillows with similar colors and patterns creates a layered look that draws the eye and adds a pop of style to your room!

Use Decorative Items to Tie the Room Together

AccentsGlass Wood Candle Holder || Lapis Ivory Wool Pouf || Vases, Bowls & Pots

Take advantage of the carefree nature of boho-chic in order to fill your space with storage and decorative accessories. This will help you personalize your space and play with the color schemes you've selected to find what appeals to you. Our newly expanded Home Decor Department has numerous options for accessories that fit any style. 

Add Wall Decor to Coordinate the Look

Wall DecorMulti Color Abstract Wall Decor || Metal Lantern Square || Wall Accents

Finally, add energy to the room with dynamic and colorful wall decor, experiment with items that you might not traditionally hang on your walls, and find pieces that complement the colors you've chosen for your boho-chic room. As you put your room together, remember to have fun and try new, creative things!