Creating Your Very Own Self-Care Room

Creating Your Very Own Self-Care Room
Sometimes we just need our own little personal retreat. Self-care goes beyond the serums, essential oils, lotions and bath bomb. It’s a space to help you stay in the right mindset and provide a disconnect to re-download your brain with enough energy to get you through your work week and personal commitments. You can create your very own self-care space for yourself, in your very own home!

Now, more than ever, people are looking at ways in which they can transform areas of their home as they begin to spend more time in it. If you’ve got that extra space, room or just want to transform a current area in your home with a new design idea, we suggest venturing outside the box with your very own self-care space. Our self-care room design below is the perfect idea to consider in your next room makeover.

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How can you get yours started? Follow these easy tips we’ve created from our look above.

We set up this room as if someone was making a corner for themselves to do whatever they pleased, to find a little peace and relaxation in all the noise. The chaise used is a good option for hanging out to read that book you’ve been wanting to tackle, or even just to stretch out for a mid-afternoon snooze.


Rugs, pillows, décorart and throw blankets are always wonderful additions for any space as they provide great texture, comfort and added relaxation when you need it. The green, blue and neutral color palette from our look helps give an organic, nature-inspired feel. We’ve also added in nice touches of gold, for a bit of richness. Don’t forget the plants! Plants are a great way to help calm and remind us of nature. Bringing the outdoors, inside… but without all the dirt and maintenance.


Organization is key and helps keep the clutter out of your space. Adding in storage helps provide a hiding place for outside items you bring into the space that don’t add to its cleansing nature. The versatile storage ottoman used in our look can also easily move out of the way to give room for some lunch break yoga, transforming your space into the versatility you need.


Lighting, lighting, lighting.  Try to find a good place with natural light or a place where you can control the lighting to help influence your mood. Natural light is our favorite, but of course it might not always be accessible. If that is the case, look for lamps or lights that offer dimmers to give you more control over the vibe. Shop lighting options here >>

Don’t forget, add in your own personal touches. Make it catered towards your needs and wants. Try to also keep “work” out of there, as it’s meant to be a great place for you to disconnect.