Blogger Spotlight | We Got the Funk

Blogger Spotlight | We Got the Funk

It's summertime and that means backyard fun with the family! Take a peek at how lifestyle and parenting blogger Laura Funk will be spending time in the backyard this season with an assortment of outdoor furniture pieces she found at AFW.

Be sure to check out her blog, We Got the Funk, for amazing look at this project as well as additional lifestyle ideas and parenting tips!

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Outdoor Furniture Fun 

At Home with the Kids


My name is Laura Funk and together with my husband Jason, we write a lifestyle and parenting blog based out of our home state of Colorado.  I am a 35 year old wife, mom, and high school teacher who never stops moving and is constantly coming up with ideas and renovations for our home. 

We have been longtime shoppers of American Furniture Warehouse starting as kids with our own parents, and then frequenting the showrooms to furnish our own home. Naturally when we began looking at finally tackling our backyard space, we hopped on AFW’s website to see what direction we wanted to go to create the space that our entire family could enjoy.  

We quickly found some pieces that we felt would bring a bit of warmth, comfort and some entertainment options and were also versatile and easy to store.  We are so happy with how this space is shaping up and are excited to continue to add to it with accessories and more from AFW.  Take a peek and let us know what you love about it.

A before photo of our backyard space before heading to AFW...I call it "backyard shame."

Backyard Shame

We quickly headed to AFW and located three pieces that have tranformed our backyard space into a dream come true! 

Backyard Trio

Here I am enjoying our glider with one of our family dogs! With three simple pieces, we were able to put together a fun, family space to help us enjoy the outdoors in our own backyard this summer season. 

Backyard Glider

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