What is Hygge, and How Do You Get It?

What is Hygge, and How Do You Get It?
Hygge is a Danish expression that roughly translates to surrounding oneself with comfort and simple pleasures.
Hygge celebrates coziness, warmth and family, and we're here for it!

This month, welve transformed our Englewood Loft space into a Hygge-inspired living room.

hygge loft
The entire atmosphere of this space whispers comfort, and the light neutral base of the plush sofa offers the perfect pallette to paint a Hygge dreamscape.

Without a doubt the literal warmest part of the entire room is the fireplace. If you don't have a home with a fireplace, that's no problem! Consoles with built-in fireplaces are multifunctional, as well as warming.

Our designers will take you through every aspect of the Hygge Loft. To shope these cozy, joyful items, browse the collection below.

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