Thornton, CO

Thornton, CO

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Thornton, CO
8501 Grant St
Thornton, CO 80229
(303) 289-3311 Get Directions

Store Hours

  • Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Pickup hours start at 10 AM.

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8501 Grant St
Thornton, CO 80229
(303) 289-3311 See Store Details


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10550 Jake Jabs Blvd
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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
2/24/2024 10:40:44 PM
By patricia villegas
Very fast delivery great
2/24/2024 9:29:05 PM
By Joel Sauerstrom
Our furniture was making weird spring noises. We called American Furniture Warehouse. Since we had just purchased the furniture they were very happy to help us and said we had a year of warranty. The technician who came was very friendly and thoroughly examined the furniture to make sure there was nothing wrong. He assured us that it was in good working order, but to call them right away if anything should change.
2/25/2024 12:31:32 AM
By Diana vay
2/24/2024 8:16:18 PM
By Kelly Girard
Love my new couch such great easy delivery and setup, I’m in heaven
2/24/2024 8:13:06 PM
By Shirley Campbell
2/24/2024 4:01:44 PM
By Ruben Perez
2/24/2024 8:56:15 PM
By Benny Zertuche
2/24/2024 5:48:22 PM
By Kim Sells
Purchased online, emailed to call and schedule delivery. Customer service was super nice. Delivered to my RV. Delivery men were awesome. No issues getting it into RV, polite and careful! Great, great experience 10/10!
2/24/2024 9:28:49 PM
By Damon Mccurdy
2/24/2024 3:42:40 PM
By Stephanie mitchell
2/23/2024 8:18:54 PM
By Grace Nailing
I’ve had a great experience with AFW. The delivery guys are very professional, respectful and do a great job setting up. I upgraded my living room furniture and also got a new bed. I’m glad!!
2/23/2024 6:43:00 PM
By Jason Alirez
Great experience all around.
2/23/2024 6:33:10 PM
By Ash Ba
2/8/2023 11:43:30 PM
By Misty Hjelmstad
2/23/2024 5:23:56 PM
By Kate Conover
2/23/2024 4:53:16 PM
2/15/2024 6:22:48 PM
By David Rucker
Delivery was quick and the guys were super nice.
2/12/2024 3:46:45 PM
By Tina Brady
2/13/2024 5:29:52 PM
By julie eidson
2/7/2024 6:48:14 AM
By Daniel Casillas
Great service took good care of my sofas bringing them in and setting them in no complaints they did a wonderful job
2/21/2024 11:01:47 AM
By Amanda Bollinger
Great selection and styles of furniture and home decor. Friendly staff and fair prices.
2/8/2024 4:32:39 PM
By Hamidah Mo
2/16/2024 4:40:14 PM
By John Swearengin
2/11/2024 3:47:02 PM
By Anastasia Atteberry
2/7/2024 5:41:31 PM
By Nancy Contreras
Very satisfied with our purchase & the customer service we received! I highly recommend AFW!
2/14/2024 10:26:41 PM
By Jenifer Charles
Love the chairs so comfortable
2/8/2024 11:21:10 PM
By Elsa Canaan
Excellent customer service! 5 Stars to the delivery drivers! They were professional, polite and went above and beyond to handle my furniture with care! Thank you!
2/18/2024 12:19:28 AM
By jesus torres
2/8/2024 4:23:23 PM
By Lance Hetzel
Great quality furniture that was in stick and delivered in 2 days. They set it up and thanked me for my business.
2/19/2024 4:53:36 AM
By Mike Ryan
2/17/2024 6:55:02 PM
By Kasen Huwa
Great prices, excellent service, speedy and awesome delivery.
2/12/2024 3:36:28 PM
By Q Monkey 61
2/15/2024 3:26:36 PM
By A. D.
2/22/2024 4:09:27 PM
By Rebecca Belik
Great deal and quick delivery. Delivery team was courteous and helpful.
2/14/2024 10:32:04 PM
By Shellie Carroll
2/15/2024 3:14:02 PM
By James Petrakis
2/18/2024 6:54:55 PM
By Veronica R
Easy on-line purchase and timely delivery within 45 minutes of window.
2/14/2024 5:36:19 PM
By Jonathan Fuller
Hard to complain about AFW. I am always able to find higher quality items for less here than most other places. I have gone to them for many different situations where I needed furnishings and haven't been disappointed. When you're in the stores, someone is always around to ask any questions to and offering help. If you are able to pick up your item(s) yourself they are available within 15 minutes of purchasing it in the store. If you buy online for pickup, it's ready when you get there even if you're really early lol and if you need it delivered, their deliveries are always easy and on time, and their delivery guys are quick, friendly and communicate well. Ikea might be cheaper, but you get what you pay for there and it will fall apart and look bad within a year. Here you really do get the quality of more expensive furniture for affordable prices.
2/14/2024 6:00:13 PM
By Mary
2/22/2024 5:30:15 PM
By DivaMom Winston
2/18/2024 5:49:26 AM
By Rose Strehle
2/10/2024 6:43:48 PM
By Pete Kroeger
2/14/2024 4:34:17 PM
By Neida Linder
From Aaron the salesman to Oscar the delivery man was perfection. Always love purchasing from American Furniture Warehouse!!
2/19/2024 10:16:19 PM
By Mark DeArment
Great prices and friendly service.
2/10/2024 4:34:19 PM
By Joyce Stallings
Furniture is beautiful and service and delivery was great.
2/14/2024 3:40:27 AM
By carolyn Shockley
The delivery team was ver profession and showed respect for my home.
2/8/2024 5:01:11 PM
By Mike Potts
Too easy.. See it, buy it, and take delivery with Platinum Delivery Service.
2/18/2024 7:56:16 PM
By Gary VeuCasovic
Wonderful purchase
6/15/2022 6:19:54 PM
By Anita McNaughton
On time delivery and just what we wanted. The recliner was placed right where we wanted. The delivery guys were super polite and very friendly
2/12/2024 9:25:09 PM
By Kimberly Lee
The delivery guy was very nice. Done good delivery . Thank you guy
2/8/2024 4:32:35 PM
By Jon Wheeler
2/8/2024 7:05:30 PM
By Irish Thered
From the help I received from Tabrina Jones at the showroom to the delivery was excellent. The delivery was on time and efficient.
2/10/2024 2:28:36 AM
By Trina Muhammad
The guys who delivered my furniture gave exceptional service. My stairwell was a huge challenge but they overcame the difficulty with smiles. If ever I need service again, I’ll request the same staff. Many thanks to you both. ☺️
2/18/2024 4:31:33 PM
By Tony Giovanni
Everything worked out well. They delivered it early, put it together really quick and the workers were very kind and polite.
2/16/2024 5:36:41 PM
By Katie Mortensen
2/21/2024 10:01:28 PM
By Ted Knoll
2/17/2024 5:13:36 PM
By MonaRae Hobart
2/19/2024 3:00:05 PM
By Mark Long
Our shopping experience was great and enjoyable with the help and knowledge of GARY THOMPSON!! He was awesome. Thanks GARY!!!
2/15/2024 10:32:27 PM
By Raul Acevedo
Very nice stock spoiling the wife
3/27/2023 4:50:42 PM
By Melody Borger
Everything was perfect from ordering to delivery!!! I am in love with the quality and look of the whiskey color Italian Leather!!!! Just gorgeous!!!
2/17/2024 4:20:22 PM
By Rosa Luna
Everyone is very nice I love it
2/13/2024 1:51:31 PM
By Jarom Williams
I bought a sleeper sofa for a great price. Despite it being a low price it is high quality and we are glad we found AFW online. We had it delivered and the delivery sent great. The gentlemen who delivered it were professional and friendly. They were very careful and didn't scratch a thing. I am very pleased with our purchase and the service we have received.
2/17/2024 6:29:01 PM
By Blaine Corkery
2/14/2024 4:43:12 PM
By Susan Duran
I am so happy with my new sectional. Delivery guys were great to work with and time was perfect.
2/17/2024 6:41:01 PM
By Gerry Corman
2/21/2024 8:23:54 PM
By Soren Pietrangelo
2/21/2024 6:23:32 PM
By Amy Anderson (Fleepoll)
2/14/2024 4:18:54 PM
By Florine Vincent
Love it! I am very satisfied with my purchase!
2/10/2024 8:44:01 PM
By Aidin Davarpanah
2/17/2024 4:43:47 PM
By Liliana Rada
2/11/2024 4:49:52 PM
By Marietta Kim
2/11/2024 6:30:58 PM
By Patrick Shea
2/12/2024 4:06:59 PM
By Michelle McCord
2/21/2024 8:20:27 PM
By Mike Ammash
2/20/2024 9:51:02 PM
By Rochelle Avila
Purchased a couch and recliner. Was delivered two day's after purchase. Delivery guys were kind and professional.
2/17/2024 4:09:02 PM
By Brandon Martin
2/10/2024 9:09:03 PM
By Casey Williamson
2/7/2024 3:22:34 PM
By Heather Bowen
2/21/2024 8:43:51 AM
By Langston Elliott
2/20/2024 3:15:39 PM
By Greg Stewart
2/12/2024 2:13:35 PM
By Kelly Curry
2/11/2024 2:52:49 PM
By Fran Lu
Absolutely WOW!! They operate like a well-oiled machine.
2/11/2024 1:08:32 AM
By Mason Jacobs
2/21/2024 10:44:53 PM
By Connie Vigil
The guys who delivered and setup my furniture, did an excellent job. Very nice and courteous . I love my new furniture!!
2/19/2024 9:24:40 PM
By Tom Mccauley
2/21/2024 6:02:13 PM
By Monte Addlman
2/19/2024 6:25:15 PM
By Macy McArthur
2/22/2024 3:13:42 PM
By Alex Huff
2/12/2024 7:22:26 PM
By Gudi Acree
2/10/2024 11:27:18 PM
By Aimee Hentosz
2/21/2024 8:40:20 PM
By Tony Pone
2/14/2024 11:25:13 PM
By Val Perko
2/21/2024 6:32:47 PM
By Walter Stolpa
2/11/2024 3:43:48 PM
By Heath Watkins
Delivery people were friendly and efficient. Dresser looks great.
2/12/2024 9:23:40 PM
By Keith Pinney
2/11/2024 4:11:25 PM
By Daniel McQueen
2/9/2024 4:08:02 PM
By Dawn Marshall
Customer service to was very helpful. Delivery team was courteous, careful, on time and efficient. Thanks.
2/9/2024 9:19:52 PM
By Chris Fratkin
Bad experience turned good! Went to buy a couch and long story short, struck out two times with couches that did not fit in my small apartment building's elevator or stairs but they were able to help us out and we will be back! When we purchased the first couch we told the sale's associate that it would not fit in the elevator and that we were on the 4th floor. They have a policy that delivery driver's are not supposed to deliver higher than the 3rd floor via stairs, which we were not told at this time. They recommended a modular frame and we went back to pick out a second couch. Unfortunately this one did not fit either (it was so close!) The delivery drivers were very professional, patient, and understanding even after coming out a second time with no success. I was able to call customer service and they helped us find a solution that fit our needs. Anyways, once we move into a place that will accommodate the couch we want, we will be back to AFW! Very friendly staff and reasonable prices!
2/18/2024 7:05:33 PM
By Donita Behne
2/9/2024 3:46:00 PM
By Ryan Hall
Blue tv stand, bean bag, side table the lamp is on and the coffee table in the middle in pics. Setup was great, shopping experience great and prices way better than other places. Thank you AFW

About This Store

American Furniture Warehouse Thornton, CO

The Thornton American Furniture Warehouse is your home for the largest selection of furniture in North Denver, Colorado. Customers enjoy the largest selection of quality, stylish home furnishings and accessories at the lowest prices anywhere, anytime. What's more, AFW is known to have the largest selection of furniture under one roof in the United States - not just Colorado. American Furniture Warehouse keeps costs low, so customers enjoy not only unmatched quality, but also unbeatable savings on brand-name furniture. Stop by the Thornton American Furniture Warehouse and browse our huge selection of Bedroom sets, Dining Room sets, Sofas, Home Office Furniture, Entertainment Centers and so much more. Sales staff are knowledgable and can accommodate for our Spanish speaking customers. We are proud to offer the best shopping experience in Colorado.