Thornton, CO

Thornton, CO

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Thornton, CO
8501 Grant St
Thornton, CO 80229
(303) 289-3311 Get Directions

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Pickup hours start at 10 AM.

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8501 Grant St
Thornton, CO 80229
(303) 289-3311 See Store Details


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Westminster, CO 80021
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Aurora, CO 80012
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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
6/18/2024 10:36:45 PM
By Lynne Spear
6/18/2024 7:05:49 PM
By Amy Goeckel
Such a good, fast experience. Exceptional compared to other vendors and more affordable. Ray, our salesperson, was especially helpful and we were very impressed with the delivery driver's speed!
6/18/2024 1:22:55 PM
By Kender Acevedo
Fast and great service!
6/18/2024 12:03:45 AM
By Timothy
6/17/2024 11:28:17 PM
By Alan Jorgenson
Great product, service and delivery!
6/17/2024 8:25:55 PM
By Stephen Hardwick
6/17/2024 7:47:10 PM
By Jorge Alberto
Very good
6/17/2024 7:21:03 PM
6/17/2024 7:18:08 PM
By Lorraine Martinez
6/17/2024 3:46:05 PM
By Steven Baker
Easy shopping experience online and in the store. Delivery personnel are friendly and set up was great! An awesome experience as always! I highly recommend AFW!!!
6/17/2024 1:11:35 AM
By Gina White
6/16/2024 11:12:34 PM
By Woody Garcla
The service was good the delivery people were friendly and nice and they cleaned up after delivering the furniture that's why I gave them a five star
6/16/2024 9:08:22 PM
By Jesse Perez
Definitely looking at AFW for more furniture. Super affordable prices compared to other furniture stores and nice quality too.
6/16/2024 4:30:31 PM
By fred Dillion
Delivery guys were great and very experienced
6/16/2024 4:03:57 PM
By Scott Rabinowitz
Most reliable place in CO to get the furniture you need on your time and terms
6/16/2024 2:44:50 PM
By Lauren Richardson
6/16/2024 1:59:05 PM
By Andrew Missick
Easy online ordering and quick delivery turnaround.
6/16/2024 12:44:44 AM
By eric tade
6/15/2024 9:12:05 PM
By Benjamin Fishman
Great furniture and easy delivery
6/15/2024 8:32:59 PM
By Ethan “Cars&Guns” Bigs
6/15/2024 8:18:40 PM
By Karen Jacobs
American Furniture Warehouse has excellent products at an excellent price with excellent customer service!! Come by if you have a furniture need or just to browse! You will definitely find something you like at a reasonable price.
6/15/2024 7:41:02 PM
By Steve
I have purchased furniture from AFW for 10 plus years. I' have my eyes on an electric recliner.
6/15/2024 7:27:49 PM
By Jeremy Ervin
6/15/2024 6:46:40 PM
By Omar Padilla
6/15/2024 6:13:19 PM
By Jenine McQuaid
6/15/2024 6:00:22 PM
By Alistair Heys
6/15/2024 5:18:50 PM
By Andy Munoz
Julian and all the staff are amazing. Great knowledge patience bi lingual a plus. Product knowledge was amazing they listen and know what to recommend so friendly.
6/15/2024 4:42:23 PM
By Neil McCorrison
Was sold a damaged and repaired lift chair as new. Customer service was difficult to work with, promising one thing and then saying another. AFW ultimately agreed to fix the chair. The repair was very basic and left damaged pieces in place. The chair is noisy and shifts while being lifted. The repair team additionally damaged the remote. So another thing to deal with. I’ve been a long time customer of AFW, but this experience has never likely or returning there again.
6/15/2024 4:17:46 PM
By Daniel Encinas
6/15/2024 3:51:27 PM
By Lulú Rodriguez
6/14/2024 7:39:47 PM
By Barbara Ladd
Everything was done just as I was told. Very easy to deal with customer service.
6/14/2024 6:13:53 PM
By Gabriela Rollano
6/14/2024 4:54:46 PM
By Nell McHenry
6/14/2024 4:12:54 PM
By Nathan Tracy
6/14/2024 3:34:42 PM
By Yesenia Fraga
6/14/2024 1:12:47 PM
By Kathy Romo
6/14/2024 12:49:33 AM
By Amber Kois
6/13/2024 11:18:53 PM
By Dan Romo
6/13/2024 8:13:14 PM
By Imran Chaudrey
This is our first time shopping there, great experience, would highly recommend if you are not sure what you are looking, great selection to help you the right decision.
6/13/2024 6:21:22 PM
By N.
Great service delivered very fast! I got to pick my own date for delivery.
6/13/2024 4:54:42 PM
By Basant Joshi
Fast, safe and nice delivery guys . Thank you
6/13/2024 4:30:21 PM
By ernest huffman
Was very impressed with AFW i’m disabled so it’s hard to get around. Their website was very helpful and was able to decide what furniture I wanted. Any questions I had or answered by customer service. My delivery was prompt. They were very professional and was ready to take care of any problems I might’ve had, thanks American furniture warehouse
6/13/2024 2:45:23 PM
By Kathrine Cisneros
We had a great experience our sales associate Jerry was awesome (I think that was his name) and delivery was prompt and efficient. The furniture arrived undamaged and was set up for us! Thank you
6/13/2024 12:51:19 AM
By jose vivas
6/12/2024 9:04:59 PM
By Kat Lam
Delivery was fast , clean and the guys obviously knew what they were doing. Great sofa, great price. So glad AFW isn't just for Colorado!!
6/12/2024 7:54:03 PM
By Justin Kline
6/12/2024 7:37:31 PM
By Lindsey Barr
Wonderful experience in store, through the website and with all delivery crews! Thank you!
6/12/2024 5:16:19 PM
By kathi roberts
6/12/2024 4:58:11 PM
By Jaclyn Guzzo
6/12/2024 4:36:20 PM
By Treynell Gibson
I'm a repeat customer. Great deals, quality furniture!
6/11/2024 11:41:42 PM
By Sean Waller
Great company to work for
6/11/2024 9:29:15 PM
By Lynn Hunt
Sales people were very helpful and patient as my husband ( who is 6'6") had to try every seat to see if they would fit our son who is going through chemo. FYI, AMF has a very poor selection of chairs, sofas and loveseats that would fit anyone 6'4" and above.
6/11/2024 8:57:56 PM
By Christopher Nylander
6/11/2024 8:26:22 PM
By Garrett Olsen
AFW is awesome. I’ve bought two couches and a bed from them. The bed we bought was a AFW memory foam that felt the same as a purple mattress or tempur-pedic but for a fraction of the price. The second couch was bought in 2024 and after a few weeks I realized it wasn’t the same comfort or feel as the showroom. It was built with different back supports. I walked back into the store to confirm this as I thought I was going crazy but did confirm the couch wasn’t the same. I stumbled upon the regional manager in the store who took care of me along with the store manager at the Thornton location. They shipped a new couch out to my house 2 days later and took the old one back, free of charge. No questions asked and no hassling. The new couch was the exact as the showroom with the correct parts and I love it. Exceptional customer service that you can’t find most places. Because of that they earned a customer for life! Thank you!
6/11/2024 7:25:48 PM
By Norma Amalou
Found what I needed. Easy to order and pay for. Delivery set in a couple of days after purchase. Arrived on time and they were professional and quick.
6/11/2024 6:48:41 PM
By John M
ordered online, and fully assembled table and chairs were delivered in 3 days, and came fully assembled.
6/11/2024 6:39:57 PM
By Dolores Sandoval
6/11/2024 5:36:37 PM
By Wholly Limbo Clothing
We always come to AFW for our furniture. Always a pleasure to be a returning customer 😀
6/11/2024 5:25:06 PM
By Sarah S
6/11/2024 4:48:29 PM
By Rebecca Thao-Her
6/11/2024 4:26:22 PM
By Amber Gonzales
6/11/2024 3:14:50 PM
6/11/2024 2:46:41 PM
By Robert Garza
6/11/2024 2:40:11 PM
6/11/2024 1:44:55 AM
By David Schopp
6/10/2024 11:53:57 PM
By Ryan Huck
6/10/2024 8:50:29 PM
By Edin Pocop
6/10/2024 5:29:21 PM
By Tammy Crowden
9/12/2021 8:33:34 PM
By anna covey
6/10/2024 2:41:00 PM
By Kim Sperry
The shopping experience was easy, delivery was quick and easy, and the prices are good. My dog approves!
6/10/2024 2:34:17 AM
By Shalita A
Best experience at a furniture store ever. I am SOLD. I went there about 4 times over a two week period and was welcomed each time I came. The low pressure sale model is everything for me. Typically I opt for trying my luck with Wayfair or Amazon but never really get to try out the furniture and I do this SIMPLY because I LOATHE being sold to. If I’m going into a store I obviously plan to buy something or not but either way, I’m happy to ask for help when I need it. Well, each time I came, I spoke to a few employees but I remember on day one meeting Freddy and I knew, that was my furniture guy! He was super warm with such a positive and calming aura about him. You can tell he was just a good person who wanted to get the job done and was clearly passionate about that place. He told me about his boss, how they keep their prices low, I even learned about the significance of the tiger! More than that, he beautifully and thoroughly walked me through my transaction - there was nothing stressful or overwhelming about it. Super excited about my purchases! I have more to buy but I’m coming back here, no questions asked. Again, Freddy for the win! Thanks everyone!
6/9/2024 7:22:55 PM
By Vincent Ludwig
6/9/2024 5:21:51 PM
By Maggie S
Deliveries always on tima and their delivery people awesome
6/9/2024 5:24:57 PM
By cherjane
6/9/2024 5:11:33 PM
By Melissa Rose
Absolutely love my new sectional and TV stand! I didn't go to the warehouse, I bought them straight straight online and I have not a single regret. They even got delivered way early so bonus! I would highly recommend AWF to everyone!
6/9/2024 4:54:25 PM
By Vicki Johnson
Excellent furniture and excellent customer service. Delivery was on time, quick and efficient!
6/9/2024 4:37:13 PM
By Michael Nelson
Everything came exactly as expected. The delivery was quick and painless! Thank you!
6/9/2024 3:37:33 PM
By Guy Cruz
6/9/2024 2:53:54 PM
By Thelma Hernandez
6/9/2024 2:06:25 PM
By Jessica Harp
So far so good quick delivery.!
6/9/2024 1:15:24 PM
By Dianne Burger
AGW was easy to use online store great quality good price and super on delivery 5 stars.
6/9/2024 1:21:00 AM
By God's Chosen
AFW staff are very pleasant and professional. Great customer service! You're the best AFW! THANK YOU Richard Hart and Addo!
6/8/2024 8:14:20 PM
By Shannon Sagrillo
Awesome experience from online purchase to delivery!
6/8/2024 5:23:58 PM
By James Lawrence
The two delivery guys were excellent. They even took time to answer our four year olds many questions. They were respectful, courteous, and efficient in the delivery of our mattresses. Thank you!! To bad others can’t have this type of customer service.
6/8/2024 4:48:32 PM
By Jenn P.
I've bought furniture there in the past from my local store and it was a great experience! This time I ordered online and it was just as good! Customer service excellent! I had a reclining chair that glides/rocks delivered this morning and after the delivery men left I realized it wasn't working right and was very disappointed. (I bought this same chair before and love it so much I wanted another.) I called customer service and the agent suggested I look underneath to see if there was a zip tie there (that the delivery men might have missed). Sure enough there was! I snipped it and the chair worked beautifully! Disaster averted! She was ready to quickly get me a replacement but it worked out perfectly with a simple fix! Highly recommend!! ❤️
6/8/2024 2:30:32 PM
By coco
Fast delivery! Friendly delivery guys!
6/8/2024 1:10:10 PM
By Gabriela Mathews
6/8/2024 11:39:09 AM
By Susan Bragg
6/7/2024 10:47:36 PM
By Jessica Lenahan
6/7/2024 9:00:46 PM
By Shannon DeGaetano
We have a saloon in our dining room now. A saloon. It's gorgeous.
6/7/2024 8:09:10 PM
By Andree
The delivery gentleman were polite and very professional. They showed us how to use our sleeper sofa. And we're in and out of our house in no time!
6/7/2024 8:14:45 PM
By Tyran Sanchez
6/7/2024 7:38:41 PM
By C T
My go to spot to shop for furniture. Rather it’s couches, gaming chair, desk, tables, whatever. Good prices and pretty good customer service.
6/7/2024 6:56:44 PM
By Dina Jensen
Ordered a couch and it was delivered seamlessly. Very nice delivery people and super careful with moving in the pieces.
6/7/2024 6:20:25 PM
By Tera Prim
6/7/2024 4:37:18 PM
By Ivy Donaldson
Very happy with my experience from the showroom to delivery. Delivery was on time. Delivery men were kind, helpful, and went above and beyond to make sure my sofa was not damaged and set up properly for me before they left.
6/7/2024 4:12:38 PM
By Linda Cady
6/7/2024 4:14:20 PM
By Don Minard
6/6/2024 8:54:34 PM
By Austin Stevens
They did a great job and delivered furniture in a timely manner.
6/6/2024 8:55:14 PM
By Frankie Urban

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American Furniture Warehouse Thornton, CO

The Thornton American Furniture Warehouse is your home for the largest selection of furniture in North Denver, Colorado. Customers enjoy the largest selection of quality, stylish home furnishings and accessories at the lowest prices anywhere, anytime. What's more, AFW is known to have the largest selection of furniture under one roof in the United States - not just Colorado. American Furniture Warehouse keeps costs low, so customers enjoy not only unmatched quality, but also unbeatable savings on brand-name furniture. Stop by the Thornton American Furniture Warehouse and browse our huge selection of Bedroom sets, Dining Room sets, Sofas, Home Office Furniture, Entertainment Centers and so much more. Sales staff are knowledgable and can accommodate for our Spanish speaking customers. We are proud to offer the best shopping experience in Colorado.