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Lakewood, CO Showroom

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Lakewood, CO Showroom

American Furniture Warehouse Lakewood, CO

The Littleton & Lakewood American Furniture Warehouse is Our Southwest store. It is located near Wadsworth and Crestline in Lakewood, Conveniently located, close to the foot hills. We have Spanish-speaking sales associates, warehouse and front office personnel, with superior customer service, always with a friendly smile. We offer free in-home design service as well as friendly, low-pressure sales staff that would love to assist you in turning your house into a home. We have an amazing 90,000-square foot. showroom with well-displayed and marvelously lit vignettes for your shopping pleasure. Our express check out counters are conveniently located for a faster shopping experience. We also have a space planning station to help design your dream home, right inside our store. American Furniture Warehouse is your hometown furniture and accessory store.

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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
7/16/2024 6:18:47 PM
By Montgomery family
Just experienced delivery of a very expensive massage chair. The sales process and chair are great - the experience with delivery team was HORRIBLE. The first guy was fairly nice, but a shorter, bald one (that seemed to be the one in charge) was rude, rushed and disagreeable about every suggestion. I paid a LOT of money, and for delivery and set-up, yet this guy said it wouldn't fit or would be too difficult to fit anywhere other than in the middle of the main 2 rooms. He said they couldn't turn it around corners (in an upstairs room), but said they COULD turn a corner in a main floor doorway. Also, when we asked for them to verify it worked and review it with us (as we were told they would at the store) they said it would take 15 minutes to calibrate and "the instructions are on the side of the chair" and they left. The chair was ready to demo in less than 4 minutes - they just wanted to finish early for lunch, I'm sure. My son and I got the chair where we wanted it in about 20 minutes, and yes, it was heavy and difficult to do when we had to turn and tilt it, but that is PART of delivery. I should tell AFW they owe ME the $85 delivery fee. The 1 star is because this is something NOT made by American Furniture - so the only experience I had with them, other than paying (the salesperson was very nice as well), was delivery - if you can call it that, and the disagreeable delivery team.
7/14/2024 10:44:39 PM
By Johnny E.
In store customer service was great and furniture was delivered on time. That said, the person assembling my couch knowingly broke the couch and temporarily fixed it to make it look like it wasn’t damaged. It wasn’t until the next day that I sit on the couch and it collapses. I filed a claim but haven’t heard anything back since my initial submission of the pictures and I’m stuck with a broken couch that I just paid a lot of money for. I’ve been calling and emailing AFW and can’t get in touch with anyone that can give me any type of update. I would steer clear from this company in general.
7/11/2024 10:36:10 PM
By Kevin Dyer
Terrible experience, I picked a dresser and nightstand that were said to be in stock only for them to realize it was back ordered when I checked out and paid. After waiting the three weeks for the expected delivery date, AFW just pushed it back another month. I called today to try and get any info or a deal on something actually in stock, and nobody was able to answer my questions. It feels like they use cheap car dealership sales tactics to make the sale and get your money, but don’t care about you receiving your furniture.
7/7/2024 6:43:23 PM
By Emilio Hernandez
Great prices!
7/7/2024 6:16:49 AM
By Louanna Spagnoli
7/4/2024 5:05:50 PM
By Joe Pruitt
These guys are great. Friendly helpful sales people, good prices, and very accommodating when we needed to do a return/exchange because the first item ended up not meeting our needs. We'll be shopping here again.
7/2/2024 10:34:20 PM
By Brodie Bittner
Jenny Y was the best associate I've worked with at American Furniture
6/22/2024 9:44:06 PM
By Mike Naranjo
6/10/2024 3:41:41 AM
By Suzanne Rogers
Great store! Nice presentation, great prices. I love it!
6/5/2024 3:13:54 PM
By Dan Bell
Purchased a couch April 2024. Leg broke the next month. American Furniture Warehouse refused to take any responsibility or exchange couch because of a small amount of pet damage. Will never shop there again.
6/5/2024 3:11:01 AM
By Aurora McDaniel
6/1/2024 4:15:38 PM
By Chavez Garcia
Place was clean staff is friendly good deals here.
5/30/2024 7:49:53 PM
By Rod Sidener
We've gotten plenty of items at AFW. Our recent trip was fruitless. We were looking for a specific type of end table, but there were none to be had. AFW is still a great place to shop for furniture.
5/28/2024 12:56:04 PM
By Kevin Emery
The best price isn't better than ordering from home depot. Pushy salesman
5/7/2024 12:59:25 PM
By brian rafferty
5/6/2024 3:19:23 PM
By Ash Behrouzi
I was there with my wife to purchase abut $4000 worth of furniture and the manager was so rude and disrespectful because I was there with sports clothes I guess he didn’t treat us as a customer and he was like if you don’t want to buy , you can leave I did called the customer service and talked with Patrick who said he will follow up. And that was Sunday my day off so I won’t shop from this store anymore and I told all my family and friends DO NOT shop there because of the store manager didn’t have any manners. I spend my money somewhere they respect me and treat me like a customer. I could have pay for everything there but I ask about the financing and see if they have any 0% option. They said they do have and I did apply and the great this was I did get approved right there but I didn’t like the manager they way he approached me. So I don’t recommend this store at all because of him. And I have been shopping here for 15 years. Not any more 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
4/26/2024 8:34:07 PM
By Yamil Rivera
Good furniture prices
4/26/2024 3:01:14 PM
By Natalie Douglass
Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. I needed a couch for my apartment that my cats won't destroy and Lee has great recommendations. They also helped look at my floorplan and pick out the configuration. I am happy about the price and delivery within 48 hours was great.
4/16/2024 1:44:59 AM
By Heather Currier
4/12/2024 7:08:18 PM
By William Skaggs
Very helpful workers, they didn't have what we wanted in stock but found it at another store and helped us figure out which was closer
4/8/2024 10:16:53 PM
By Pam Schmidt
Very disappointed with my experience...i wanted to buy an office chair...i found one but it sure is hard to get help. In fact I felt like i was inconveniencing them. I get the chair and it was broken and they wanted me to come back to get another one. I was planning on buying some more furniture from here. But now sadly i am going to have to take my business elsewhere.i just do nt feel valued as a customer.
4/8/2024 9:46:13 PM
By _ scoz
NOT A GOOD CONSUMER EXPERIENCE. They sold me a used, repackaged, BROKEN chair. Then they wanted me to come back to the store and waste my time getting a replacement. They didn't offer any kind of compensation for my TERRIBLE CONSUMER EXPERIENCE besides the offer of a free delivery to replace the chair... several days later. Don't waste your time with these people.
4/8/2024 1:53:22 AM
By Matthew Miller
Great looking furniture at s good price. Delivery team was awesome and very respectful of my place...
4/7/2024 5:11:33 PM
By Mark Harris
I like the no pressure salesman. They give you a chance to walk around and look before somebody's on top of you asking if you need
3/31/2024 11:31:06 PM
By Shawna Saeedian
Ordering and delivery was all good, but screws keep falling out of the dining room table and chairs. They are all falling apart after 6 weeks.
3/29/2024 4:00:08 AM
By CO - Taylor Parker
Gale was so helpful in helping me pick the perfect couch for my new place. I am very indecisive and she ran laps around the store with me and showed me all the best options for what I was looking for. My family got to kick back in the massage chairs while Gale handled all my indecisiveness. Love the new couch too and the delivery guys were awesome too, definitely went above and beyond.
3/27/2024 10:07:05 PM
By Steve Cook
I was not happy that they sold me an item for full price and the next day we received a flyer that had this item on sale for $90 off. The item I purchased was bought during sale dated. In addition I hate that there is a 15% restocking fee if you want to return your purchase
3/27/2024 7:43:38 PM
By Bryan Gaytan
My mom loves this place.
3/11/2024 5:08:03 PM
By Brad
I bought a $1500 couch from them, upon delivery they "couldn't" get the couch inside even tho I've gotten larger furniture and couches in. I wasn't home but my wife was, she told them to leave it and I'll take care of it when I got home. They told her that they couldn't do that and charged me the shipping, taking it back, and restocking. I got my refund except for the failed delivery fee. You lost my business forever
3/4/2024 1:12:45 AM
By Jay MetaFivez (Jared)
3/3/2024 11:00:54 PM
By Ellie Raaum
I recently had the pleasure of experiencing exceptional service from the American Furniture Warehouse team. From the moment I placed my order for a new couch, their professionalism and attention to detail were evident. The delivery team went above and beyond to ensure the safe and timely arrival of my beautiful new furniture. Not only was the couch of excellent quality, but the delivery process was smooth and efficient. I highly recommend American Furniture Warehouse for their outstanding customer service and top-notch products. Thank you for making my furniture-buying experience a delight!
2/26/2024 9:13:56 PM
By Thư Nguyễn
My boyfriend and I went here to buy a mattress and we found one that we liked. Then we were looking for someone who could help us but at that time we only saw one person working helping other customers so my boyfriend went out front to ask a lady if she could send someone to the mattress place to help us and she said sure but when we went back to the mattresses and waited about 10 more minutes but no one came to help us. We had to leave because we were there for more than half an hour and no one helped us. I don't know if they thought we didn't have money or what, but for whatever reason, we wasted our time there without buying anything and ended up with a bad experience.
5/12/2022 2:44:31 AM
By Wendy Perkins
Worst experience ever!!!! Bought a couch here and chose to pick it up since the sales woman said it was an easy install. She said it would come wrapped up and not in a box so it would fit in my SUV. When I arrived to pick up, first of all it came in a box so the sales person was wrong. They had to remove it from the box in order for it to fit in my SUV Well this caused the couch to get damaged as it had to be squeezed in to fit. Then I went to install the nails and there were no holes. I had to drill in holes myself. How is that considered an easy install??? The wood was so dense that it broke my drill bit and the feet of the couch are razor sharp and it sliced my thumb completely open and now I have permanent damage from this. I called to report the incident and it has been over a month and no one has reached out to me. Don't trust anything anyone says here. Everything I was told was all lies and quality of product is dangerous and now my working hand is forever damaged. Picture of where my thumb got sliced right at the tendon and of the feet of the couch how sharp it is.
2/16/2024 6:30:38 PM
By John Cortez
2/14/2024 11:01:54 PM
By Arii Gaytan
2/9/2024 2:53:52 AM
2/5/2024 7:52:07 AM
By Melissa Clark
Great prices and quality. Friendly and helpful, not pushy
1/30/2024 6:03:35 PM
By Amie Greenwood
Great Salespeople. Not pushy. I love their sales. And they have great prices on other decor items,
1/29/2024 9:22:37 PM
By Jason Fleer
Second least favorite place after Ikea. By local these people don't care about you
1/29/2024 1:35:29 AM
By Todd Morse
Excellent customer service!
1/21/2024 5:32:25 PM
By Aaron Hoard
Great customer service, ask for Emilio A.
1/19/2024 5:00:24 PM
By Nathan Walker
Absolutely horrible delivery service. If you cannot pick it up yourself, go somewhere else.
1/16/2024 5:42:48 PM
By Melody Romero
Extremely Uncomfortable! Box spring in Tremendously Loud, Very low to the ground. Something was different about the display model. I have not had a good night sleep since purchasing mid November.
1/15/2024 8:36:22 PM
By Celly S
This is a great place to buy a couch. The service is really great, we even got some tips on how to properly clean our couch. They’re happy to answer any of your questions and no one is super pushy when it comes to sales. We got a great deal on a sectional couch, they often have really great sales! We were able to have it delivered and assembled within days. The delivery crew was very helpful, fast, careful, and kind. Very happy with my purchase!
1/15/2024 4:38:39 AM
By Kellie McDonald
The chair itself that I bought is good, but I'm writing this review mostly for customer service. I had shopped in-store, but they were out of the color I wanted in an accent chair. The sales guy was nice enough, and placed an order for it to be shipped from another store in Colorado that had the chair in stock. However, when I drove out to the store for pick-up and took the box home, I discovered they had shipped the wrong color. I went through the exchange process over the phone and the lady placed another order for pick-up ensuring me they would deliver the correct color. Three days later, I drove out to the store yet again. This time though, the delivery service guy that helped me realized they had shipped the wrong color AGAIN. He thinks they (AFW) may have tagged the entire line of chairs wrong which is why I kept getting the wrong color. He was extremely nice, and inquired whether I could just take home the display chair instead (which is something they don't normally allow). However, I'm mostly giving this 2-star review because I felt I should be given money back since I took home the display chair, which was my ONLY source of action considering they kept shipping me the wrong color and weren't coming up with solutions to fix that. They claimed that display chairs are still in top quality condition, and conceded a $50 store credit. After taking the chair home and viewing the condition of the legs, I would argue otherwise. They are wobbly (even after trying to tighten the screws, and look slightly worn). I just left the entire process feeling deflated and felt that everyone who helped me at AFW (besides the lovely delivery guy - he was the best person I encountered) was not very helpful. I don't really ask for much, but a discount other than store credit would have been nice. Or at least a simple apology that an entire line of chairs was wrong, and that I drove out (30 min each way) to the store on three separate occasions.
1/12/2024 5:29:33 PM
1/12/2024 5:32:41 PM
By Danny Hayman
Not a well built piece of furniture in the place.
1/12/2024 2:56:21 AM
Wonderful. Kathleen Sturm was amazing, helpfully and so nice. Ask for her.
1/6/2024 11:35:55 PM
By Visiter
Awesome service excellent delivery !!! Will definitely shop here again salesperson was great .. delivery even put felt pads w/o my asking on furniture to save my wood floors & ease in moving .here in delivery window and fast .
12/29/2023 3:21:45 PM
By Ryan Glaser
12/27/2023 5:03:15 AM
By Judith Lestin
Beware, I purchased a “new” queen sized mattress in July 2023 and outraged that from day 2 of sleeping on it, I found bed bug marks on my skin! I experimented and noticed that when I sleep on floor I’m fine for weeks, however, when I’m back sleeping on this mattress—-> there it goes again! Bed bug marks!!! Be very cautious! They’re making you pay the price for a “new” mattress when it’s actually USED!!!
12/23/2023 10:31:03 PM
By Melissa Preston Vaughn
Every time I go to AFW Westminster I get such great service… Nobody pressures me and the sales people know where everything is. Just recently Joe is who I worked with, and he was incredible… He took care of everything I needed just looking at pictures, wrote up the invoice, and got it all ready to go. Then later when I got home I realized I needed to make a change and I texted him and he took care of everything and emailed me the new receipt. The next day I went to have it loaded into my car and it was all ready to go. Easy Peezy! Thank you Joe!!
12/22/2023 2:25:31 AM
By Traci Arnold
12/18/2023 8:27:26 PM
By Cody Faulkner
Absolutely worst customer service ever dealt with. I bought an office chair, picked it up and assembled it myself. The lift wasn't functioning properly and chair wouldn't stay Elevated, so I wanted to exchange it. These robber barons want me to pick up another one, re-assemble it after I already did that once. Refused to get me an assembled one or deliver it. Neither one. I'll never be back, screw these ppl.
12/10/2023 10:35:08 PM
By Krista Birchfield
You can't buy anything anymore in store went there to buy one chair The chair was sitting right in front of me but was told that I couldn't get it for 5 to 7 days which is ridiculous why not just make the chair come back to the warehouse or the showroom instead of making me wait it's so stupid customer service is not exist anymore it's ridiculous this place was horrible. Update. Someone from the company left to response on here. And I just want to say that I just got a sale ad for this past week in my mailbox and it states on the sale ad in stock take home today on in Big Bright letters. So how is it that you have to wait 5 days sir who entered my review of above but you want people to have you want people to have new stuff but you're saying that it's you could take it home today and it's in stock why are you false advertising? I'm specifically an end pointedly asking you a question about your sale ads they're saying something so far off then what you're saying so why is that?
12/6/2023 7:46:48 PM
By Logan Knight
We created a quote under my name for a couch and were excited to move forward. My name was not on the form of payment, so we had to put the couch under my fiancés account, which did not contain the original quote. The representative said she would transfer the quote over, and it would be no issue. She never told us that she switched the delivery address to her old address that was on her account. She never confirmed the address on account, and we never thought to confirm the address because she said she would transfer the same quote over. After we realised that the address was wrong, we called the store, and they were unwilling to change the quote over without physical mail saying we lived at our new location. We don't have mail there because it is a new home, and they said that there was nothing they could do. I am so confused about why they would rather deliver furniture to the wrong client, rather than having the issue resolved. Their prices are great, but their employees who represent the company have proven to us time after time that they could care less about the customer.
12/4/2023 7:06:50 PM
By Kathie Garin
12/2/2023 5:21:05 PM
By Debbie Sisneros
First off they got phone numbers mixed up. Everything was verified when I called customer service for a technician to come out. They sent email to my boyfriend instead of me. Then customer service calls him instead of me. Customer says on the notes that they tried to call me after they called boyfriend and got no answer and left me voice mail. NO THEY DIDN'T. Never got a call or voice mail. Not a happy camper
11/30/2023 6:14:25 AM
By Barbarie Keahey
11/30/2023 3:48:12 AM
By Gabriel Martinez
Emilio was extremely helpful and friendly making my shopping experience pleasant. Monica in management was also a big help so I would highly recommend shopping here!
11/27/2023 12:12:48 AM
By Jack Fink
A little bit of everything
11/24/2023 12:57:50 AM
By Tim Walsh
No one asked us if we needed help, so we just left and ordered online.
11/23/2023 2:16:28 AM
By Alicia Walia
Amazing service. Thanks for everything! We will definitely be back. From the floor to the front desk to the awesome warehouse team, you rule!
11/11/2023 11:46:41 PM
By Albers Family
We are very happy with the whole experience. The showroom is very large with lots to look at. Katherine was great in answering questions and taking our order for the leather couch and loveseat. We had the seamless delivery only 2 days later. We have purchased several pieces of furniture etc. in the past from AFW and have always been pleased.
11/11/2023 8:00:09 PM
By Dennis Halpin
Had Lee H as our salesman. He was very thorough and attentive and an extremely kind gentleman. We thank him for his time and extra tips on furniture maintenance.
11/7/2023 2:41:52 AM
11/6/2023 5:26:30 AM
By Denise
Matt is a great, kind salesman. He sold me a couch in 2021 and whilst the second bit of my sectional was delivered not in the state I would have expected, upon speaking with him and sending him images of this, the matter was quickly rectified.
11/5/2023 11:54:19 PM
By Kurtis Derrick
Excellent customer service. Excited for our new couch being delivered tomorrow!
11/3/2023 8:07:24 PM
By Kathy Litton
Decent prices
11/1/2023 9:12:16 PM
By Laura Wilson
I worked for a non-profit, and we were able to secure funding to purchase a new bed for a very sweet 7-year-old boy, whose dad had fallen on tough times. I can't begin to tell you how excited he was to go and pick out something that he could truly call his own.... which is why I was horrified at how this saleswoman treated him. I mistakenly recommended we purchase the bed/accessories from AFW. I grew up coming here, and our family exclusively purchased beds, etc. from here. We walk in, and this little boy could not contain his excitement--smiling non-stop, saying "thank you" to everyone he encountered in the store... it was so sweet. Part of my job is to film the assistance we give to our clients. I opted to use my GoPro instead of my full camera set-up, and asked a manager if it was okay to document the family picking out a bed with the sales rep. He said yes. The saleswoman smiled and gushed and said things like "oh this is so great, I'm so happy to be part of this!" As soon as the manager was out of sight, the smile was gone--and she was AWFUL to this family. She treated them like dirt--talked down to the dad, was dismissive with the little boy, and even reprimanded the dad for encouraging his son to sit on the bed to decide whether it was comfortable enough.... all while other families are getting to test out the beds/furniture. The dad even turned to me at one point and said "I know we don't have much money, but she doesn't have to act like we don't belong here." She grew increasingly agitated the longer the child took to look at beds (god forbid) and then snapped at me for filming an interaction between her and the dad, testing out a bunk bed. The final straw for me was at the checkout when the little boy asked us why the "mean lady" didn't want him to get his bed, and said we didn't have to get a new bed if it upset her (it broke my heart hearing him say that). I cancelled the order on the spot, and took them to Furniture Row that same day. The staff at Furniture Row could not have been nicer or more accommodating. They truly saved the day and made this the special experience this family deserved. I instructed our non-profit to exclusively work with them moving forward. I did get a call back from one of the managers at AFW, apologizing. I'm not sure if he felt bad, or was just making a courtesy call--although I have a pretty good idea. Either way, that was the last time my family made a purchase there.
10/28/2023 4:00:32 PM
By Anthony Lombardi
Debora was an amazing sales associate! I found everything I was looking for with her help. I’m planning on going back to purchase more soon.
10/25/2023 6:20:20 PM
By Amanda Koenig
MT helped us last week on our search for a couch. He was helpful, kind and provided an abundance of humor throughout the process. MT made couch shopping fun and I highly recommend connecting with him at the South Wads location if you’re on the furniture hunt.
10/17/2023 12:05:13 AM
By riley glynn
Very helpful sales people all the good stuff is here u don't have to go to Thornton or american way to see a bigger selection.
10/16/2023 1:34:15 PM
Had a great salesman and so far we have only gotten half the order ..chair was damage when picked up cindy was great about getting another one scheduled .truck broke down and unable to get our chair...the window on delivery time should be past 5 pm. For normal working people...only live 9 miles from store and cant get chair till weekend ..there should be a back up plan when things happen...another truck or driver. What about what your customers have to do to get the day scheduled for a delivery or take time off ....everyone wants to apoligize but not take care of the issue.. i even talked to the manager. I told here when your house is being broke into or on fire there are no excuses you exspect reliable response and service.....she got defensive .and didnt understand the issue of when you say something you do it no excuses. We dont operate that way anymore....we just shoot the messenger.lower are standards.and become complacent instead of dealing with issues....and bring a fix to the table..we didnt use to be this way. .God help us. Time to get back to the basics .
7/22/2023 5:17:22 PM
By Jessica Montez
2/18/2020 2:01:10 PM
By Bagpiper 140
Good selection, just make sure you are home for the delivery or they will charge you extra to re-deliver
8/1/2018 4:36:00 PM
By Michelle Dekker
My daughter moved to Lakewood on July 4th from South Carolina. I went to American Furniture to get her a few pieces for her apartment. I was helped by a salesman named, Michael. HE WAS EXCELLENT!! No BS at all. He was so helpful, honest and had us out of there in an hour because I knew what we needed/wanted. I would definitely recommend American Furniture and ask for Michael!!
6/3/2021 12:38:12 AM
By Dan Fug
No pressure. Just find a worker if u wanna buy
2/19/2016 7:20:18 PM
2/10/2017 4:49:40 PM
By Sara Rose
6/13/2020 10:32:04 PM
By Sara Lindholm
Love this store not only do they have great quality furniture for an affordable price but they deliver with care and take care of any issues. Let's say your couch doesn't fit through the front door.... they will return it and help you pick out a couch that does fit. This is definitely the place to go
7/6/2020 4:00:26 PM
By Zion [See-Own] Gezaw
Mark Turner, MT, lied to me on numerous occasions about what I was getting, what was available and when I was getting it. I had to call the store - and stay on hold for a very long time, EACH time I had to call - to get updates on my merchandise that I purchased, even though MT said he would call and update me as needed. He assured me I would get all of my merchandise in a timely manner but that did not occur. He also has not called me back to help me - even though he said he would call. I’ve called the store multiple times since then and no one has called me back. I will NEVER be returning to this store again. It’s unprofessional and unreliable. I had to personally GO TO the store and grab my own merchandise because MT lied to me and couldn’t get his information correct. I had to take a huge coffee table to my apartment on my own - because he was incompetent about the information he had told me before. Now, there is another piece of furniture that I can’t get because he won’t call me back AND he lied about the date of when I’d receive it. Every time I call, there is a new date and a new lie told me. I truly believe that he is incompetent and if I were to be a White woman, I would’ve had all of my problems solved in a timely manner. Instead, I am being dragged through the mud, my money has been spent but it has been a waste. MT is not useful nor is he fair.
3/7/2019 2:19:24 PM
By Kathryn Ulibarri
It's ok for mediocre furniture. Prices were outrageous for mattress. Same brands can be bought elsewhere for cheaper.
7/7/2020 6:12:43 PM
By Raquel M
The best to me was in the delivery, unfortunately I am on the third story with no elevator. They made the heavy delivery upstairs with no damage done and smiling faces! I also thought it was cool that they have a tracker, it tells You what number in line you are and gives an accurate time for your delivery. I would highly recommend to anyone if they want a painless delivery check them out!
3/13/2017 1:40:44 AM
By Angie Cournoyer
I really liked the in store service. Don, was very nice and helpful. But I have to say the delivery guys were very rude and very unprofessional. George and Chris, Chris was the nicer of the 2 George had an attitude. They had a difficult time getting the couch in the door, they took the couch back down almost 2 the truck without telling me what they decided to do, nevermind what me the customer wanted, we asked them to leave the couch here. My husband got the couch through the door undamaged by his self in 5 minutes. So we avoided the 15% restocking fee, a new delivery charge, and saved the time of going to find a different couch. But I couldn't help but think how many people just let them take it away. Our couch fit just fine, it's comfortable, great price. Get new delivery guys or retrain the ones you have
7/22/2022 4:20:17 PM
By N. Rosenblum
When you buy from AFW according to their WARRANTY, you ONLY HAVE 48 HOURS to report - BY PHONE - anything wrong with the furniture. Which means - MAKE SURE you do a thorough investigation of any screws or bolts that might be stripped, loose threads, cushions or fabrics that were not attached/stapled. The store will not help. They will tell you to call Customer Service. When you call, and "The wait time will be 30 minutes...", don't hang up and call another day. Waiting past those 48 hours will invalidate your warranty. And don't trust the tech they send out to help. It doesn't matter what you say, they will simplify their report so it is inaccurate enough that the warranty will not apply. In the end you'll be stuck with furniture you paid hundreds of dollars for that is falling apart from the day it was delivered.
9/24/2023 7:54:33 PM
By Elizabeth Taylor
Great in store and delivery experiences! Thank you Gayle, we are so happy with our new couch and recliner 😁
10/5/2016 1:38:50 AM
By Rich Martin
2/12/2023 4:58:27 PM
By Mike Bargerstock
6/18/2022 12:42:27 AM
By Steven Wallace
Best place to buy furniture!
11/5/2022 2:47:05 PM
By Edgar Garcia
6/27/2020 9:33:49 PM
By Kendra Coffin
Walked into the store, and shortly after we were greeted by a sales consultant named Emilio Azzam. We were able to find everything we needed for our home within 30 minutes. Emilio was very honest about each product we looked at, and gave us a real feedback from the previous items he has sold. It was then time for the ever dreaded paperwork section of the purchasing. Emilio made the paperwork part of our purchase so easy! I would recommend American Furniture Wearhouse for any of your purchasing needs. We walked out with a couch, a coffee table, an end table, and two office chairs, we will be back, and hopefully we get a sales associate just like Emilio Azzam again!
2/11/2020 5:22:30 PM
By Gloria Bradley Hernandez
The worst furniture company and customer service, without ethics and anti-professionals, they took a month to get my furniture in four different times and sent my sofa and the chair completely different is a nightmare what I am living and the solution is to pay them more money for the mistakes they made starting with DENISE MCCURRY had never had such an unpleasant experience, and the way they acting and solve the problems with jus said “SORRY” they don't solve anything ,they don’t take any responsibility for they mistakes , i don’t understand how A big company solves their problems like that.
5/3/2021 5:46:05 PM
By Bill Moen
11/16/2018 9:56:49 PM
By Eric Lorenzen
Good value for the furniture. Got bar stools and book shelves here. Prices were a decent bargain. Quality seems good after 3 months of use. Customer service is friendly.
10/14/2022 8:09:09 PM
By Elli Foster
Don’t shop at afw, the worst service I’ve ever experienced
7/18/2023 10:48:10 AM
By Samantha S.
8/29/2021 1:02:45 AM
By Amanda Barr
Zach was awesome! He helped us a few days in a week spam. We didn't know what we wanted or what we wanted to do. Zach was super patient.
4/24/2022 11:34:00 PM
By Tyler Singleton
I was working with Anthony to buy a desk, he told me to wait and he would be right back, well I guess his shift ended at 5 and I was left waiting with my thumb up my butt for 30mins. I am not shopping here again with this level of customer service.
1/1/2020 12:20:47 AM
By Fuchsia Faux
My fiance and I have come to this location looking to furnish our new apartment. Emilio made everything so easy we ask for him by name! The options of furniture and decor are great and there are plenty of options for both large and small spaces. Furniture is affordable for all budgets and of great quality! Emilio worked with our personal taste and helped us with options within our price range and style. The delivery option is making moving less stressful which is wonderful. We highly recommend!