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Grand Junction, CO Showroom
2570 American Way
Grand Junction, CO 81501
(970) 208-1920 Get Directions

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Pickup hours start at 10 AM.

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Grand Junction

2570 American Way
Grand Junction, CO 81501
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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
2/20/2024 3:28:57 PM
By Michael Bradbury
The only reason it's not 5 stars is that the only acceptable type and color bed frame/headboard they have is backordered for THREE MONTHS.
2/20/2024 6:37:02 AM
By Roger Eaton
Not bad, lots of cute stuff.
2/20/2024 12:59:10 AM
By Corey C.
Really nice variety and good prices. Friendly staff ready to help.
2/19/2024 10:46:32 PM
By Stevie Pruitt
Great store. Big selection. Great prices. Nice they offer delivery and install. Thank you for a great experience
2/19/2024 6:07:17 PM
By Midge Murphy
2/19/2024 5:56:19 PM
By Jamal Abuhalimeh
The best prices I've ever seen and the selection and quality are top notch! The only place I purchase furniture!
2/19/2024 5:56:57 PM
By Jennifer DelTonto
2/18/2024 10:28:32 PM
By Larry MacDonald
Great products, great service and great timing on delivery
2/18/2024 7:06:39 PM
By timothy seely
2/18/2024 3:51:13 AM
By Skylar Osborn
2/17/2024 6:36:02 PM
By Geri Trujillo
2/16/2024 9:20:15 PM
By Michelle Rickstrew
1/8/2024 10:56:10 PM
By Rodney Peterson
We found the perfect bedroom set. Great staff and delivery. we are happy.
2/15/2024 3:34:23 AM
By Cindy Swartz
2/15/2024 12:56:45 AM
By Tom Rowland
Duane Blair, our salesman, was knowledgeable and made excellent recommendations for the bed we purchased. The delivery team was right on time, picked up our old bed & box springs (which we couldn't have moved!), and installed the new bed and box springs in less than 20 minutes. Great job AFW!
6/10/2017 2:17:52 AM
By Kevin Terpstra
Great selection good prices
2/14/2024 7:47:00 PM
By Trevor Nasby
Awesome stuff, and fairly priced in my opinion for quality.
2/14/2024 5:49:13 PM
By Kenny Wolverton
2/14/2024 4:15:06 PM
By Tony Kratochvil
2/13/2024 9:06:21 PM
By Sharon Horton
2/13/2024 6:53:03 PM
By Richard Avery
2/13/2024 4:38:54 PM
By Nate Edwards
2/13/2024 4:07:43 PM
By Terrie Swann
The drivers arrived on time and were thoughtful and professional.
2/13/2024 3:06:49 PM
By Dale Kruse
2/13/2024 5:35:31 AM
By Ashlee Flint
They have the best couch 🛋️ s to pick from . And if you are looking for empty boxes for anything . They offer in the morning when they open 10:00 am . Call they will meet you at a door. Great service . Thank you
2/12/2024 6:36:23 PM
By Lorraine Bernhard
2/12/2024 2:42:38 AM
By Karla Howe
2/11/2024 4:41:25 PM
By Garrett Mcmanus
Excellent services from sale to delivery!
2/10/2024 5:13:39 PM
By sheila mcintyre
2/10/2024 3:42:27 PM
By kimberly bennett
2/9/2024 6:21:11 PM
By christian Chen
2/9/2024 4:58:36 PM
By Jenika Downs
Very fast and friendly service! We love our new couch.
2/8/2024 11:11:16 PM
By Lisa Picciano
2/7/2024 8:35:18 PM
By Kathy Hakes
From the time we purchased our chair and to exchange and re-delivery all persons involved were extremely helpful, kind and efficient and fast. Products are amazing. Recommend American Furniture Warehouse highly!! Thank you
2/6/2024 6:50:17 PM
By Lisa Gelabert
Fast, courteous and efficient delivery! Thanks AFW Grand Junction! Your staff is always extremely professional and helpful.
2/5/2024 8:43:14 PM
By Jerry meuwly
2/5/2024 3:50:22 AM
By angel mcbeain
2/4/2024 8:39:47 PM
By Lukas Birmingham
Whole experience was very positive and I would highly recommend!
2/4/2024 4:48:53 PM
By Randi Dietz
We absolutely love our new couch and bar stools. We had a very smooth delivery with no damage and friendly service! They made sure to set up the couch to fit the space in the best way. Very pleased with the whole experience!
2/4/2024 1:56:25 PM
By shane love
2/3/2024 9:31:42 PM
By Bobbie Gustafson
2/3/2024 2:15:27 AM
By Michael Shannon
1/28/2024 1:27:05 AM
By Liz Guzman
1/27/2024 9:42:22 PM
By Nancy Babcox
Thank You Cesar for helping my mother in law find the perfect adjustable bed. You were very engaged, patient and answered all her questions. Appreciate your help.
1/27/2024 7:06:46 PM
By Laurie Swanson
1/25/2024 8:06:36 PM
By Cinda Blewett
My salesperson LeRoy was GREAT to work with. We spent most of the afternoon decorating a one bedroom apartment rental. He was super helpful & kept within my budget & design preferences & we had a lot of fun putting things together from top to bottom! Unfortunately delivery driver instructions/communication fell apart from the get go. Living in a small mountain community several hours away from the showroom, I am at least happy that AFW delivered. But phone contact person/ parking instructions/placement were not followed. However all finally got delivered & placed in the apartment although not unwrapped or trash removed. Just happy it’s there!
1/25/2024 6:01:08 PM
By darryl land
1/24/2024 10:16:44 PM
By Brett Kline
I would like to give this place a below one-star rating. My wife and I walked in here with plans to buy a recliner. We were in the store for about 15 minutes. We walked back to the recliner area. As we both were walking around and testing a few recliners, not a single store employee said a word to us. I had an employee walk right past me while I was seated in a recliner and did not even acknowledge that i was there. Then we walked to the clearance area and tested a double recliner couch out, and again, no one spoke to us. We left the store, and while walking by the cashier, I stated thank you for the lack of customer service. I will not be shopping here again. The people at the desk did not say anything, and we left. This was the second store in Grand Junction that we had gone to and were treated this way. We left and went and bought what we needed elsewhere. If this is what is considered customer service for a big name store, I am unsure how they sell anything.
1/24/2024 9:53:31 PM
By Randi Levine
It is always a fun experience shopping at American Furniture Warehouse. Delivery is fast as well.
1/21/2024 7:05:07 PM
By jim hageland
Very professional and helpful
1/21/2024 6:31:06 PM
By Alan Wright
As usual great customer service and top notch delivery service.
1/21/2024 6:34:38 PM
By Kipper G
1/20/2024 10:09:48 PM
By Tiffany Burinda-Estrada
Ordered a chair/recliner for my dad. Excellent service & delivery. Quality of chair great!
1/20/2024 10:17:26 PM
By Connie Fudge
Great salesman, great selection, great delivery guys
1/20/2024 4:38:11 PM
By Douglas Bower
Great experience!
1/20/2024 1:29:38 AM
By Megan Henry
1/19/2024 8:19:44 PM
By Debbie Vigil
1/18/2024 6:10:15 PM
By Maria Rubalcaba
I'm very appreciative for the whole experience from start to finish! The salesman was great and very thankful for the delivery guys!!
1/16/2024 7:53:43 PM
By James Kunes
good condition! took effort to keep floors dry and from scratching
1/16/2024 5:16:36 PM
By Jenn Jenn
Bought 2 recliners, 4 barstools, and a full bedroom set from them over 3 different transactions. Huge selection and good quality.
1/15/2024 10:33:50 PM
By Randy Schwark
Leroy at the Grand Junction location is awesome to deal with. The delivery drivers today were very kind and professional.
1/15/2024 9:04:37 PM
By Eric Rudolph
As usual, great service !
1/14/2024 11:17:52 PM
By R. Weatherby
My chair is great, and the warehouse guys were great with helping me load the chair. However the salesperson ‘Roger P’ 91RP, decided to type “min 15% restocking fee, cpu and safe travel explained” as my wife watched him type it after literally NOT explaining a single one of those things. All he did was ask my phone number and to pay and there were zero other conversations. Shady sales people is why I hate places like this. Sale was 1/12/24 2:19pm if anyone from AFW even cares to research the transaction and review with him about lying on a document.
1/13/2024 11:42:57 PM
By Mike “Tackdahack” Tacker
This AFW isn't an actual distribution center, if you buy something from AFW online, you can not pick it up at the GJ store. It will be delivered days later from the Thornton store. In order to get your purchase from the GJ store you have to go in to the store and stand around waiting for someone to pay attention and actually help you.
1/13/2024 5:28:42 PM
By Grant Laman
1/13/2024 3:50:31 PM
By Robert Feeley
Good delivery personnel on time and friendly.
1/12/2024 3:41:30 PM
By Jonee
Very helpful sales people! Quick, easy delivery!
1/10/2024 9:17:20 PM
By Johnnie Pittman
1/9/2024 3:33:08 PM
By Joanne Connolly
1/9/2024 2:14:34 PM
By Sara Lawson
1/8/2024 7:09:20 PM
By Chris Straub
Excellent experience both in store and with delivery 👌
1/8/2024 6:36:34 PM
By Deborah Buchholz
I found quality namebrand furniture, which was what I was looking for
1/8/2024 4:22:07 PM
By Katherine Howard
They need to have shoe covers to protect customers floors.
1/7/2024 5:49:18 AM
By Allen Yarbrough
Great prices on furniture. Got a leather couch we just love.
1/6/2024 11:01:29 PM
By Allyson Fenton
Furniture was delivered as expected and on time. Delivery crew was very respectful of our home. I would definitely recommend.
1/6/2024 7:54:20 PM
By Karen Matsuda
1/4/2024 11:31:37 PM
By Connie Lynch
I received great customer service from Maria Romero at the Grand Junction store today. She made sure we had the part we needed for our Lazy Boy. Such a blessing to have someone who truly cares.! tohelptoto for a chair lift remote
1/2/2024 4:28:41 PM
By Randy Crowe
We are very pleased with our new furniture and the delivery and set up.
1/1/2024 8:53:23 PM
By Jose Marin Garcia
1/1/2024 6:29:08 PM
By Donna Floyd
AFW team is great from the telephne to the floor when looking at options, to the deivery! This is where you need to shop!!!
12/31/2023 6:30:52 PM
By Brittany Taga
Great delivery team and the furniture is just what we needed
12/31/2023 5:00:58 PM
By James Young
I am completely satisfied with the table and bar stools I purchased. I will recommend you to others. Thanks again.
12/29/2023 3:34:52 PM
By jolene bennett
12/28/2023 10:45:46 PM
By 5441 Adventures
12/28/2023 12:26:54 PM
By Kathy W.
Another great furniture purchase from AFW. Their selection, pricing & delivery can't be beat!
12/27/2023 9:28:54 PM
By Kari Gilson
Excellent service in store as well as delivery. Everyone is respectful and easy to work with. The delivery men were kind and quick. I will do business with them again and I will definitely recommend them.
12/27/2023 8:47:06 PM
By Joe Nortnik
12/27/2023 3:02:15 PM
By Daneille Knapp
12/25/2023 3:39:02 AM
By Tanya Moser
So grateful for a Christmas Eve delivery and the two gentlemen were so kind!
12/24/2023 8:55:29 PM
By Lisa Freund
Love this store! Great service too! Affordable
12/24/2023 4:24:24 PM
By Marissa Hewitt
Fast delivery - professional service - very respectful - furniture is in excellent condition and beautiful!
12/23/2023 6:18:28 PM
By Kurt Sorensen
12/22/2023 4:07:16 PM
By Luis Castaneda
12/21/2023 6:17:30 PM
By Kevin Clay
12/21/2023 3:23:19 PM
By Melissa Palmer
From the store to in my home everyone was so polite, kind, and helpful! Thank you and I happily recommend you to everyone!
12/20/2023 2:23:06 AM
By anthony Rivera
12/19/2023 11:33:11 PM
By Kim Smith
My husband recently had hip surgery and struggled to get in and out of the bed and chairs! This purchase was perfect! The lift will set him in the chair and stand him up to get out. Very easy to use controls and very good quality. He loves it! He can fully recline and get some much needed worry free rest. Thank you AFW it’s always a great experience with all my purchases!
12/19/2023 6:32:19 PM
By Erin Noel
12/17/2023 8:24:03 PM
By Suzanne Gratton
Good service
12/16/2023 9:14:50 PM
By Brian Bensley

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