Firestone, CO Showroom

Firestone, CO Showroom

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10550 Jake Jabs Blvd
Firestone, CO 80504
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Monday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Pickup hours start at 10 AM.

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Firestone, CO Showroom

American Furniture Warehouse Firestone, CO

The Firestone & Longmont American Furniture Warehouse is conveniently located on the Southeast side of I-25 and HWY 119 (exit 240). We have two rental trucks available for do it yourself delivery, Spanish speaking associates available in all departments, Wheelchairs and electric scooters available for guests with disabilities, as well as elevator and escalator access for easy access to both floors. Our Firestone showroom has over 176,000 square feet of showroom, with convenient customer pickup entrances. We have seven pickup doors for fast and efficient pickups. We are here to help you turn your house into a home seven days a week.

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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
7/20/2024 12:04:49 AM
By Josh Brooks (Jbcrroofing)
7/9/2024 5:49:05 PM
By Andy Mr Tran
I called them many times to check when my product would be received. but they always answered yes, saying they would call me back, but I never received a call back from them. I went to buy my furniture in early June, they said I would receive all my furniture by the end of June, but at the end of June I called back and they said the items hadn't arrived yet and asked me to wait 2-3 weeks later. And they would call me back to inform me, and I waited another two weeks. When I recently called them back to check on that product, they didn't seem to want to answer me. Very disappointed with this place's customer service.
7/9/2024 2:21:50 AM
By Gilberto Verduzco
It’s amazing such a huge store little to no customers yet you have to wait 30 min to an hour for a salesman. Waste of time!
7/7/2024 2:11:28 AM
By Rachel Bridges
Lupita was so helpful and patient with us! We changed our minds a million times during the process and she helped us at every turn! Amazing customer service, will be coming here for all our future furniture needs!
7/6/2024 3:38:12 AM
By Adriana Palomo
I don’t know what happened but AFW was the BEST in the furniture game. Affordable and great quality. Our last purchases; Bedframe, two night stands, dresser, corner desk, sofa, and entertainment center, ALL broke. Mind you the desk drawer literally fell from the rails while I was working. We didn’t even use the drawer. Same with our night stands. The top randomly comes off and pinches your hand. The drawer on the dresser fell apart too. And it was the drawer that’s never used which is odd. The recliner on the couch no longer works. lol our bed frame, the space between the board and headboard pulls in our mattress. Every piece broke in less than a year. 😭
7/1/2024 7:30:12 PM
By Jacob M
Very friendly staff and they always have deals going on
6/24/2024 8:11:23 PM
By Rene Blankenship
Update: They have agreed to honor the warranty and replace the chairs. Took a little work to get them to agree. In general, still a good place to do business, and the sales team does a great job. The service has been wonderful. Assistance with warranty is non existent. Cloth separated on three of four chairs, decorative tacks are coming off. Furniture was delivered in April 2024. When contacted about warranty, they claimed the cloth had been cut. My pictures show it is pulling apart. They did not even have the decency to call me back as promised. Do not believe their "warranty" claims. They would not even agree to look at the chairs in person to verify.
6/19/2024 8:22:51 PM
By Alex flores
6/18/2024 5:19:19 PM
By Wendy Tull
6/18/2024 4:40:04 PM
By Merriah Stark
Great customer service. Wonderful delivery.
6/18/2024 3:29:56 PM
By Jeffry Denman
We have bought a number of things from AFW ever since moving out to CO from NYC and we could not be happier with the quality, the service and the style of the pieces.
6/17/2024 10:17:27 PM
By Dena Watson
DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING AS A GIFT FOR SOMEONE ELSE. If you are buying a gift for another person and you want them to pick it up, beware that ONLY THE PERSON ORDERING can pick up the item and must show the credit card you paid with. I wonder just how many sales AFW has lost because of this policy? Edit: I understand this policy is to avoid fraud. However, a better solution is advisable. I do not live in the same city as the recipient. Just wondering how many customers have you lost that would have purchased gifts for others if you had a better policy? FYI - your customer care staff that refunded the sale, very indifferent and not helpful. We have been long term, faithful customers. We live in a smaller town, we do not have a variety of places to shop for furniture. We will continue to buy from AFW, but strongly recommend that NO one purchased gifts for other at AFW.
6/17/2024 3:13:59 PM
By Emily Androes
6/16/2024 10:38:23 PM
By Aaron Vance
6/16/2024 8:54:43 PM
By Mark Hendrickson
Excellent customer oriented/friendly service. We have never been disappointed. Great furniture at a great price!
6/16/2024 7:56:12 PM
By junior mercado
Guy did a great job with the delivery!
6/15/2024 7:15:02 PM
By Juan Grijalva
We thought it wasn't going to fit in the room , but the guys insisted to put it where I wanted it and fit perfectly .
1/26/2022 4:04:48 AM
By Justin Meschler
Fantastic place to shop for furniture. Terrific prices, exceptional service and zero pressure sales. No reason to buy furniture anywhere else.
6/14/2024 3:31:03 PM
By Donald S
Friendly staff at the store. Very professional and friendly delivery staff as well.
6/13/2024 11:28:27 PM
By Ray Uthe
They took my complaint seriously and fixed the problem and we are extremely satisfied with the service!!
6/13/2024 3:58:38 PM
By Diana Spencer
Great service and experience!
6/13/2024 12:57:03 AM
By Carlos Valles
Best furniture store you can buy from delivery was fast!
6/12/2024 9:29:23 PM
By Stephanie Lucero
Delivery service is platinum! Delivered on time and they put the furniture together for you. work is done😎
6/12/2024 2:19:08 AM
By Ashley Watkins
6/11/2024 11:02:10 PM
By Doug Brunz
6/10/2024 10:25:21 PM
By Darby Crandall
This is the first negative review I’ve left for a business. Generally, when I’ve had an issue with a service I’ve paid for, the company makes it right. Not here. I made several attempts to discuss the issue I’ve had and it seems they know they are big enough to survive without fixing it so, they’re not going to. EDIT* I’ve made several attempts to speak with someone at AFW. Check your inbox for my name if you want to sort this out.
6/10/2024 6:33:31 PM
By Bert 2006Pak
Staff is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone we interacted with from initial arrival to the store, making the purchase, and then delivery went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and confident in our choices. Communication has been excellent too.
6/10/2024 12:10:44 AM
By Karen
6/8/2024 8:48:55 PM
By Brian Swartzfager
Good furniture prices and their delivery guys were very professional. Even though they couldn't find great directions to our new apartment complex, and weren't able to reach me on the phone, they didn't give up and managed to find us.
6/8/2024 8:50:53 PM
By Leo Alirez
6/8/2024 4:03:29 AM
By Terry Estrella
So much to look at. Been there 3 times this month as I am furnishing a new home. Great prices and so many options.
6/7/2024 9:10:06 PM
By Michael Chavez
6/6/2024 6:42:41 PM
By Michael Jeske
6/6/2024 4:52:27 PM
By Judie Hall
All staff was courteous & helpful. Calls were answered promptly. Delivery guys also very courteous & helpful. I was very impressed with all service.
6/6/2024 4:03:00 PM
By Natalie Rufa
Great quality furniture, good prices, fast delivery... BUT they showed up 15 minutes early, our window as 7am to 9:30 and they rolled up at 6:45am... this caused some chaos as I was trying to leave with the dog and my child to get to the school bus, and my husband was the one staying for delivery. Because they showed up so early, EVERYTHING was happening at the same time... anyone with kids and pets knows this can be a little bit much first thing in the morning.
6/4/2024 9:55:54 PM
By Jean Kutzler
6/2/2024 6:11:14 PM
By Tetiana Gerasimova
6/2/2024 5:23:51 PM
By Marcie Woolworth
6/1/2024 8:35:02 PM
By Steve Doty
Great furniture, excellent delivery
6/1/2024 8:40:29 PM
By Rachel Leonetti
Purchased new living room furniture and patio furniture! Everything from start to finish was excellent and I’m so happy with my new furniture and cozy outdoor set up!
6/1/2024 6:41:49 PM
By Jim Heilig
Excellent range of options, very helpful staff and excellent delivery teams
5/31/2024 7:29:42 PM
By Rose Mary
5/30/2024 5:15:16 PM
By Danielle Deegan
The people delivering was very kind and made sure everything was the way we wanted it
5/30/2024 2:11:33 AM
By Karen Polenica
5/29/2024 9:18:15 PM
By Maria Elisa Jaime Quintana
Muy bien todo
5/29/2024 6:53:16 PM
By Cindy Rossi
Shopping in the store was great. I wasn't bombarded by sales staff .. I was able to leisurely walk through and look at my own speed. Then when I was ready the sales people were more than ready to take my order. The delivery went off without a hitch but the recliner was damaged. Customer Service was so pleasant and more than willing to help .. they swapped out the recliner with a new one and took the damaged recliner away. My experience with American Furniture was wonderful and I will definitely recommend it to everyone.
5/29/2024 3:24:40 PM
By Nicole Reichstein
5/28/2024 7:09:14 PM
By Shannon Wallace
5/28/2024 6:33:34 PM
By Steve Robison
5/28/2024 4:29:54 PM
By Jonathan Breuer
5/28/2024 3:36:29 PM
By Megan Hunt
5/28/2024 2:44:40 PM
By Lamont Widick
5/28/2024 4:14:42 AM
By Juanita Vasquez
5/27/2024 6:52:54 PM
By Tera Graelyn
5/27/2024 3:32:52 PM
By Stephen Brower
5/26/2024 6:12:21 PM
By Nika Sanchez
5/26/2024 2:48:12 AM
By Big Jose
5/25/2024 7:06:20 PM
By shari lynch
5/25/2024 3:46:13 AM
By Deb Adler
From the Salesman that helped me; Todd, to the delivery personnel the brought and assembled our furniture—top of the line folks. It was refreshing to have friendly, knowledgeable and courteous folks to work with. Highly recommend the Firestone AFW !
5/24/2024 10:37:46 PM
By Meowry
5/24/2024 8:28:18 PM
By Arlie Montez
5/23/2024 7:09:00 PM
By JOHN G Torres
5/22/2024 7:15:59 PM
By Eddy Hutson
5/22/2024 7:05:51 PM
By Sheree McCurdy
Everyone was so helpful and friendly at the showroom which was organized and beautifully clean. They helped me find just what I had in mind...outstanding selection to choose from. The delivery people were efficient and right on time and set everything up and checked to make sure it was working.Very nice to me and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend your business!
5/22/2024 5:39:47 PM
By Laura Vick
Bought an outdoor sectional from Jessica. She was great. Even though our item was not in stock, she kept us informed during the whole process. The delivery was very fast and we love our new sectional.
5/22/2024 2:43:05 PM
By Constance Schmidt
5/22/2024 2:37:03 PM
By Dan Knowles
5/21/2024 5:36:08 PM
By Logan Kornblau-Stevens
5/21/2024 4:33:33 PM
By Arturo Avalos
5/21/2024 2:17:55 PM
By Leslie Holley
Love the Firestone location.
5/19/2024 8:31:36 PM
By Kathy Philipp
5/19/2024 6:27:02 PM
By Carlos Cárdenas
5/19/2024 4:55:26 PM
By Jesse Santana
5/17/2024 5:09:00 PM
By Tina Fisbeck
5/17/2024 12:37:05 PM
By Albino Bustillos
We actually had such a Great experience , since we returned and purchased another set -the staff helped us with so much kindness and accuracy.
5/16/2024 9:22:31 PM
Love their prices! I could redecorate every room if I wanted! 👍👍👍👍
5/16/2024 1:12:02 AM
5/14/2024 9:52:19 PM
By Deb G
Customer service is beyond 5 stars. They stand behind their products!
5/14/2024 9:53:53 PM
By Kyle Clawson
great prices on all types of furniture, big variety, delivery was fast and convenient, recommend checking this place out
5/14/2024 7:22:15 PM
By Mike Crist
Great delivery drivers who handled our furniture with the utmost care!!
5/14/2024 7:09:26 PM
By Crystal Sutherland
5/14/2024 6:24:35 PM
By Trinity Viegut
5/14/2024 5:52:00 AM
By Dolores Howell
5/13/2024 5:18:38 PM
By Jenny Dickerson
5/13/2024 2:44:55 PM
By Korena Powell
5/12/2024 7:01:44 PM
By Michael Smith
Great work from sales to delivery!! Very good
5/12/2024 6:39:22 PM
By Donovan Blash-Lopez
Ruben is the man, I let him know what I’m looking for and he just does his magic to find me what works perfectly for my home
5/12/2024 5:00:29 PM
By yamy skocen
5/11/2024 3:19:32 PM
By Maria Palacios
5/11/2024 12:16:24 AM
By Jonette Dixon
Thank you, American furniture and the guys that delivered! So grateful for all of you.
5/10/2024 8:47:28 PM
By Jennifer Bradt
4/12/2024 4:43:07 PM
By lex brown
5/10/2024 6:43:49 PM
By Miriam Darnell
5/10/2024 6:36:09 PM
By Jordan Wentz
Great store! Friendly and helpful staff with great delivery teams!
5/10/2024 2:29:10 PM
By Mystique Mcqueede
Very courteous, very professional. Great job 👍
5/9/2024 9:48:16 PM
By Jason Young
5/9/2024 4:01:12 PM
By sheri thomas
The showroom is huge and nicely displayed. The sales people are nice and welcoming and they didn't crowd me nor follow me through the store. No hassle, the restrooms are clean and located in the front and back of the store. The store is nicely stocked with furniture for every room inside and out. The delivery guys were polite, friend and fast. Their communication was thorough and they handled my couch carefully. I repair guy was sent to my home and he was great also. And here's the but getting through to a customer service rep can be difficult. And the hold times long. Once you get through everyone I spoke with was very professional and friendly.
5/9/2024 2:16:08 PM
By rachel manasco
5/8/2024 7:13:56 PM
By Brett Boness
Very timely professional & personable
5/8/2024 6:57:14 PM
By Jovi Gonzalez