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Englewood, CO

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Englewood, CO
8820 American Way
Englewood, CO 80112
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  • Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Pickup hours start at 10 AM.

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8820 American Way
Englewood, CO 80112
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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
5/26/2024 8:37:37 PM
By Kristina Gilmore
Great experience’
5/26/2024 8:40:27 AM
By Charles Dottson
Sharing stories of being a former employee and of course, satisfied customer. I've always loved the products from American furniture. Hands down one of the best in our region and city. I thank you for your service.
5/25/2024 8:59:24 PM
By Steven Martindale
5/24/2024 10:42:22 PM
By Ryan Moss
Clear stain markers. Litteraly fraud. Sell as new. Now u going into debt Photos confirmed More photos on Deck. u Scum, and court will find out.., wait u (D) right
5/24/2024 10:13:46 PM
By scott slavik
Excellent service and sales!
5/24/2024 7:52:25 PM
By John Stubbs
5/24/2024 5:40:29 PM
By Marc Schlom
The two guys who delivered and assembled desks did a great job and we're friendly as well
5/24/2024 5:41:34 PM
By Aaron Simmons
Jawan is the man! Super low pressure. Listened to what I was looking for and showed me the best options within my budget.
5/24/2024 5:29:55 PM
By Michael Anderson
Great service! In and out very quickly.
5/24/2024 4:43:58 PM
By Louis Materre
On time, friendly,helpful,good set up service for the sofa bed.
5/24/2024 1:59:44 AM
By Elenna valenzuela
This review is in regard to employment at afw. I have worked off and on with American Furniture for 4/5 yrs at multiple locations in multiple positions. To start, this company has a high turnover rate, a literal revolving door of employees I would say. It can serve as an ok job for if you are looking for something short term or as an entry level position to gain work experience. However, for long term employment, this company is not worth investing yourself because just like any other multi billion dollar company, you are always replaceable. Management themselves state to employees that the company policies are set in place solely to protect the company rather than employees. Corporate headquarters is local here in Englewood, Colorado and do not value employees at the retail, sales and warehouse level. Management on nearly every level from corporate to retail are of poor quality. Would recommend this establishment as an in between job rather than a career. Despite the praise this company and Jake Jabs receives, in the afw work culture amongst employees there is a saying of how cheap Jake jabs is when it comes to paying for unemployment which is 100 percent accurate and I personally know many former employees who could corroborate. If you are reading this as a customer, make sure to double check your items whether delivery or pick up as they often resell returned/used furniture as new. 1star review is being generous, but deserves zero.
5/23/2024 11:05:17 PM
By Les Mosley
5/23/2024 5:32:08 PM
By Saeed_XD
Excellent store!
5/23/2024 6:41:42 PM
By Cheryl Popp
5/23/2024 5:20:13 AM
By Colyn Gingola
Great selection and prices, fast efficient delivery.
5/22/2024 3:52:22 PM
By Gwen Thornton
5/22/2024 3:26:22 PM
By Isela Garcia
5/22/2024 2:49:27 PM
By Lynn Shenassa
Great customer service
5/21/2024 7:39:21 PM
By Joann Woodworth
5/21/2024 6:17:15 PM
By Dayla Quest
American Furniture is a great place to buy furniture. I always enjoy walking around the showroom looking for lamps, rugs, & furniture.
5/21/2024 5:55:11 PM
By stevenleone2
5/21/2024 5:31:04 PM
By Brooke Weiman
5/21/2024 5:11:26 PM
By Ken Nauman
5/21/2024 3:17:26 PM
By Christopher Rucks
5/21/2024 2:46:45 PM
By Michelle Gardner
AFW has great furniture at great prices! Delivery is quick and clean. As long as I live in areas that AFW sells in, I will always go there for my furniture!
5/21/2024 1:02:42 PM
By Mary Young
AW is the best!
5/21/2024 10:42:54 AM
By Andrea Wuis-Losey
5/21/2024 2:38:38 AM
By Pete Pappas
Great deals amazing customer service
5/20/2024 7:15:01 PM
By TMiles
5/20/2024 4:09:11 PM
By William Gelroth
5/20/2024 2:53:49 PM
By Lisa Kaur
I got the best customer service and help with the Englewood location! I had a broken piece with my coffee table and they returned it, replaced it and delivered to me a new one! It was such an easy and smooth process, couldn’t have asked for a better service. They exceeded my expectation. Thank you AFW - Englewood!
5/19/2024 7:11:07 PM
By C Leigh
Love this store! Such great selection and prices. Service in store and for delivery is top notch
5/19/2024 2:57:43 PM
By Beth Cohen
5/19/2024 2:46:35 PM
By Ni Raye
My salesperson Michael was so patient and humble. I have enjoyed my furniture shopping journey with him the last month. I did all new furniture in my greatroom and dining area. He really wanted to ensure that I was happy. I appreciate his thoughtfulness, professionalism and the wealth of knowledge about what was in the showroom. He searched high and low for items and never complained. I got my delivery first thing this morning. I am so excited as a bring these pieces together with my overall design. I decided on one of the living pieces I first looked at. Even though there were several others that caught my eye. I still have some other rooms and areas to go. Looking forward to making it towards the finish line. With Michael and God's help I will get there. :-) Thank you so much Michael. Again, your patience and understanding is unmatched. AFW your delivery team on my order was great too. They were so professional and pleasant. I am grateful to have found what I wanted. Customer D. Bailey.
5/19/2024 4:22:02 AM
By Karl Nierode
5/19/2024 12:34:35 AM
By Isthatyourdog
Owen in parts is amazing and went out of his way to help us out!! We bought a fantastic couch and had a small problem that Owen totally took care of. Door 15!!! We are loyal customers because its not just the great buys, its the service when things aren't perfect that matters to make it right or help a customer figure it out. Owen is awesome!!!
5/18/2024 10:16:30 PM
By Ja'Tyra Abdullahi
AFW never disappoints in their selection of furniture. However, this is my first time getting my item in the form of delivery. And once again, thank you. I am amazed and happy with the service. Delivery was on time, the team was respectful and punctual, and the furniture was in top-peak shape with not a scratch or dent! Awesome job to AFW and all of the staff.
5/18/2024 6:47:33 PM
By Larry Rodriquez
Very professional!
5/18/2024 5:32:42 PM
By Karim Joseph
Delivery very good, professional guys would recommend
5/18/2024 3:02:53 PM
Great place to shop if your on a smaller budget has lots of options prices are fair and delivery is quick and easy I had no issues and they will do whatever they can to get your item delivered
5/18/2024 1:59:26 AM
By Bernice Nelson
The person's who delivered the recliner chair to our home were real gentlemen. They brought the chair in, sat it down where we wanted it and made sure the chair was working ask us if we had any questions and before leaving they said have a nice day
5/17/2024 10:37:35 PM
By Pumpkin Fleming
Great furniture, Great price, Great delivery. Professional. I like the fact that they set the furniture up, and remove all the trash from your house. Although the furniture did not look like what I picked out in the store. They gave me the wrong furniture. The furniture was nothing like I picked out. I just kept the furniture, Because I didn't feel like going through trouble of having them to come get it, so I just kept it. I'm not really happy with what I received.
5/17/2024 3:54:45 PM
By Amanda C. Black
Excellent patio furniture, and they delivered/assembled in less than 15-minutes!
5/16/2024 8:54:54 PM
By Cindy Bowman
5/16/2024 6:42:50 PM
By hayley wester
Very frustrating experience and we won’t have the rest of our couch for another MONTH. This is the exact opposite of what we were told when purchasing. We came in to look for a couch that was in stock to be delivered to our new place. The person we worked with told us that there were two pieces of the sectional we purchased in stock (this was back in April) and the rest was coming in a shipment to be delivered May 10th. We got back on May 15th and asked if it could be delivered all together May 16th. The guy we worked with told us that yes, it would be in stock and all delivered at once. Imagine our surprise when we got our delivery and only half of the couch came. When we called to ask where it was, they said it was back ordered for middle of JUNE. That’s completely opposite of what we were told and had we known, we would have went somewhere else. It’s become a huge hassle if we wanted to return it and get something else so we will most likely keep it. We were basically told that we can either return it or wait and got a ‘sorry’. When we started to read reviews, we were surprised to see the same couch, on someone else’s review, posted after we came in and purchased. We’re pretty sure someone at AFW messed up and gave another person our couch as it was NOT backordered when we ordered it. The lack of accountability for misinformation is astonishing. MAKE SURE that your items are IN STOCK by asking multiple workers before you finance or make a purchase at AFW. The couch is beautiful but it’s a huge bummer to have been lied to. The guy we worked with seemed distracted and in a rush but we didn’t think we would be outright lied to. You would think that when buying a sectional, mattress and box springs, the people helping you would give you factual information.
5/16/2024 4:17:04 PM
By Joseph Chavez
Was looking for a mattress and thinking about a sleep number bed, but after a friend suggested going to AFW after they were pleased with a mattress they purchased there, we decided to take a look there. Found the perfect mattress, comfortable while offering good support. The sales rep, Michael Salpas was very helpful and patient with us as we tried several mattresses. He helped us pick the right mattress for what we needed. The delivery guys were quick and on time. We are very happy with our purchase and saved quite a bit of money.
5/15/2024 7:03:04 PM
By Norm Teltow
5/15/2024 5:24:10 PM
By Stefanie Puebla
Have been waiting for a bed frame and mattress for almost 2 months and have had to call multiple times to check on updates. Finally received a delivery date only for them to put the wrong delivery address. I call to have to have it fixed and they transfer me to multiple people only to be told “I’ll call you back in 5 mins” seriously disappointed with the service when we buy from this location all the time and have never had this issue before. I guess it’s time to go to another location
5/15/2024 3:05:35 PM
By Ceasersalad Gaming
Bang for your buck
5/15/2024 2:34:09 PM
By Charles Goodman
Excellent service and on time.
5/14/2024 10:53:05 PM
By Ranajay Lahiri
Lots of option based on your budget and fair delivery charges
5/14/2024 5:09:46 PM
By Jim Gromer
Great prices and always a positive experience!
5/14/2024 2:28:34 PM
By James O'Shea
As always, there were people willing to help, but not being obtrusive. Love the quality of the furniture for the price. Getting it loaded, again as always, was easy.
5/13/2024 2:41:01 PM
By Hollie Saddy
Doesn’t get any better! Excellent customer service and excellent product quality!
5/13/2024 2:04:43 PM
By Pam Donaldson
5/12/2024 5:58:00 PM
By Sharon Fabre
5/11/2024 11:56:54 PM
By Troy & Barb Valente
We have used AFW for over 20 yrs, and typically have a great experience. However, our latest purchase to furnish our new condo was anything but great. The system went down and our large order was lost, along with thousands of others. I had to call repeatedly to finally reach a manager to help them rebuild my order. Multiple items were significantly delayed (like 5 months delayed!) and one arrived damaged/non-working, and had to be replaced. The ONLY saving grace this time was our sales rep, JOHN (at the 8820 American Way store in Englewood). He was FABULOUS the whole time, even advocating for us at the manager level. He communicated with me regularly over 5 months and kept me updated on our order, answering any questions or finding the answer asap. We finally got all of our items, thanks to the persistence of John in making sure our order was fulfilled.
5/11/2024 9:47:51 PM
By Lori Taylor
5/11/2024 7:11:02 PM
By Lisa Brooks
5/11/2024 5:37:45 PM
By Janine Fortino
Great furniture, great price, great service! Couldn’t ask for anything else?
5/11/2024 2:14:38 PM
By Athena Montgomery
5/11/2024 1:36:49 PM
By gearexecutive
We got all of our furniture here. Affordable, quality, easy delivery, minimal assembly. Exactly what we need and a great selection and fantastic showroom.
5/10/2024 7:39:19 PM
By alicia rivera
5/9/2024 12:28:57 PM
By Elizabeth novaes
5/9/2024 12:40:02 AM
By Ron B
5/8/2024 8:55:01 PM
By Kenneth Erickson
5/8/2024 6:54:26 PM
By Susie King
5/8/2024 3:44:45 PM
By E. Luster
5/8/2024 2:25:56 PM
By Patti Saitz
Love AFW. The guys did a GREAT job. Furniture is gorgeous.
5/8/2024 12:20:19 PM
By Maureen Welsh
5/7/2024 5:19:34 PM
By Jaeung Lee
5/7/2024 2:33:18 PM
By Toni Manson
5/6/2024 8:37:36 PM
By Kylie Shaw
5/6/2024 6:48:47 PM
By Victor Alfonso
5/6/2024 5:40:32 PM
By Cathy Watson
5/6/2024 4:15:19 PM
By nigist eneyew
5/6/2024 12:39:13 AM
5/5/2024 10:47:00 PM
By Brenda Young
5/5/2024 9:02:31 PM
By Pamela Rybolt
5/5/2024 8:36:10 PM
By Autar Singh
Very good customer service thank you
5/5/2024 6:24:22 PM
By Raeleen McManus
Excellent delivery and installation of our couch. Prompt and very professional.
5/5/2024 3:56:41 PM
By Daddy Pea
5/5/2024 2:19:30 PM
By Emad Albaaj
Great product and great customer service
5/4/2024 10:35:58 PM
By Lisa Barenberg
5/4/2024 7:02:54 PM
By Erick Mejia
5/4/2024 6:46:29 PM
By oleg k
They have a great selection at great prices and everybody we dealt with was courteous, professional, and had great customer service. I can’t say anything negative about our experience.
5/4/2024 5:29:26 PM
By Tracey Longest
Very friendly kind and quick service!
5/4/2024 4:05:30 PM
By Lyssandra Martins
Love love the new couch !From the salesman to delivery everything was amazing!!
5/4/2024 2:23:43 PM
By CW Fox
Outstanding customer service when having to deal with a return!
5/3/2024 7:43:21 PM
By Dorothy Lias
On time , did a great job
5/3/2024 7:07:10 PM
By A W
When you enter the store you either get an associate approaching you every 5 min or none at all depending on the day. You can't beat the delivery fee as they deliver in house to whatever room you would like. I am disappointed in the actual product. All of my legs are scratched and crooked. I have submitted my feedback so we shall see what happens.
5/3/2024 5:17:38 PM
By Glen Norblom
5/3/2024 4:18:38 PM
By Berkly Wirth
5/3/2024 4:14:11 PM
By Travis Jacobs
5/3/2024 1:45:31 AM
By Shelly H
Great service! Great prices!
5/2/2024 9:56:20 PM
By Ethan Hughes (erh1212)
5/2/2024 9:35:58 PM
By Rich and Stacey Callahan
The delivery men were very good. We are really pleased.
5/2/2024 3:33:03 PM
By QueenBee
Our service man that repaired my recliner was very courteous did a great job I was on time.
10/4/2021 2:02:40 AM
By Cindy Evers
11/1/2021 3:02:33 PM
By Austin Mccluskey
Guys were respectful and delivered excellent service!

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