Storage Ottomans: A Field Guide

Storage Ottomans: A Field Guide

Storage ottomans are multipurpose powerhouses. They can function as everything from seating, a place to put up your feet, or a side table—all while offering hidden storage and other features that can help you make the most out of space.

Storage Ottomans with Trays

Many storage ottomans also feature a built-in tray in the top of the ottoman, which allows you to use it as a side table that’s perfect for holding drinks during a party or snacks while watching a movie. These ottomans tend to be on the smaller side, meaning that they’re extra-versatile and are a great option for small spaces.

Closed storage ottoman with tray
Storage ottoman with tray on top
Open storage ottoman with tray

Cocktail Storage Ottomans

While storage ottomans with trays can come in a variety of sizes, cocktail storage ottomans tend to come in one size: large. This means that they can comfortably seat multiple people, hold your drinks, or act as a bed for a snoozing pooch. Their large size also means that they have a bigger storage capacity, making them the perfect place to store throws, pillows, and more. Some cocktail storage ottomans also include a tray, making them a great substitute for a traditional cocktail table.

Button tufted cocktail storage ottoman
Open cocktail storage ottoman
Cocktail storage ottoman with tray

Shoe Storage Ottomans

Whether you call it an ottoman or a bench, there’s no denying how handy a shoe storage ottoman can be. This unique type of ottoman comes with pockets on the inside of the ottoman to hold your shoes with extra storage space in the middle. They’re perfect for entryways because they act as both as a place to store your shoes and a place to sit while you put your shoes on.

Closed shoe storage ottoman
Open shoe storage ottoman

Animal Storage Ottomans

Animal storage ottomans stand out as the cutest of the ottomans. They don’t hold as much as other storage ottomans, but more than make up for it with oodles of charm. These ottomans are a hit with kids and are sure to make putting toys away after playtime a little more fun. Not a kid? Don’t worry, these ottomans are also great for anyone looking to add a little whimsy to their space.

Closed dinosaur storage ottoman
Open dinosaur storage ottoman

Whether you’re looking for a petite ottoman that can hold your drinks, a giant ottoman that can store tons of blankets and pillows, a practical ottoman to hold your shoes, or a cute ottoman that’ll bring a smile to your face, there’s a storage ottoman that can help you use your space more efficiently.