Small Exercise Room Storage Ideas!

Small Exercise Room Storage Ideas!

Working out at home? Here are some storage ideas to keep your space organized, especially if it's limited in your home! Don't let your space get cluttered and overwhelmed with distracting workout pieces, we'll help you organize your rooms with style!

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Storage Ottomans are a perfect way to bring the space together and hide all of that exercise equipment, which can be an eyesore in your space. De-cluttering and organizing your space is such a stress reliever, which can also help improve your physical and mental health. As we've been spending more and more time at home this should be an important factor to consider while you continue to find multipurpose functions in rooms in your home. Yoga mats, weights, exercise balls, towels, and even shoes can easily be stored and put away out of sight! 

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Plus, storage ottomans can create a multipurpose function in your space while they're closed too! Use it for footrests, extra seating for guests or family members, even a coffee table in the living room to provide extra counter space for trays, snacks, and décor pieces. The possibilities are endless with storage ottomans!

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If you're not sure how to incorporate one into your space, or you're just not a fan of the ottoman storage solution, another idea is to utilize baskets. Baskets can easily be injected into your space and stowed away under tables with negative space below them not being utilized. You can use rolling storage units that have shelved baskets, or you can simply use baskets that sit on the ground. You can match the décor and furniture in your home with wicker baskets to close off and hide what's inside, or open baskets that show details of what is being stored.