How to Choose The Right Sofa

How to Choose The Right Sofa

Choosing a new sofa for your home is a big decision. It includes many factors before you make any purchase. At American Furniture Warehouse, we have over 200 sofas available for you to choose from and that doesn't even include our sleeper or sectional options. We want to help you be the most prepared you can for your sofa shopping experience, so we are going to go over key things to keep in mind.

Check the Frame and the Joints of the Sofa

Make sure the sofas you are trying out have a sturdy frame and joints. A study frame and joints equals long-lasting sofa.

Test the Springs

Sit on each section of the sofa you like, including all the corners and edges, to see how it feels. See if you feel the springs.

The Best Part: The Filling

We all want a comfortable sofa that we can curl up on and watch hours of TV, but remember when you are trying out sofas in the stores they are worn from others doing the same thing. It will take time to break in your new sofa.

Material & Color

If your home has kids, pets or both the material is another key to consider in your sofa purchase. Certain materials will be better for families with kids and pets, like microfiber. Bring a sample of your wall and accent colors in your room when you come to shop to help pick the best color sofa for your space. You would hate to fall in love with a piece and get it home only to realize it doesn't fit the design style of your room.

Consider Size and Shape

When thinking about a new sofa or living room set for your room, It's important to think about how much of your room do you want your furniture to fill and do you want other pieces like a loveseat or recliner. Also, how will your accent pieces like coffee tables and entertainment centers fit with a new sofa? Ask yourself these questions before you come to the store so you have an idea and our sales staff can best help you.Now that you have the key things to keep in mind when you are sofa shopping, come into any of our 14 stores and let anyone in red shirts help you find the best sofa for your home.