Designer's Den | Changing with the Seasons

Designer's Den | Changing with the Seasons

A change in season is a great time for a change in home decor! Today, our design experts are showing you stylish and budget-friendly ways to use furniture and accessories to transition your bedroom from its cozy fall/winter look to an exciting spring/summer theme. Tune in!

As we move from the colder months to the warmer months, we often consider new ideas, new beginnings, and new environments. We know that many people want to make changes in their home that coincide with the changes of seasons, but they get stuck not knowing how to do it. That's why today we will show you how to change with the seasons in your space.


When putting together a space for fall and winter, using darker colors is essential. In the bedroom, you may want to bring in the feeling of the colder seasons by adding a comforter like the Lila Grey Comforter Set. To add some texture and other colors, mix in some throw pillows like the Sandbar Pillow or the Cozy Cream Pillow. Adding themed art above the bed, like the Hand Painted Trees on Canvas, brings the essence of fall and winter to the room with the barren trees and the cooler colors. 

Accessorizing the rest of the room's bigger pieces such as the Newport Dresser is easy with accents like the Dimpled Black Vase, the Scroll Iron Table Lamp, and faux plants.


After winter has come to pass, it's the time to do away with the dark tones and to brighten up your living spaces with florals and bright colors. Changing out the grey bedding for something more vibrant and lively like the Cassandra 8 Piece Queen Comforter Set is a great start when it comes to transitioning over your bedroom. When accessorizing your nightstands and dressers, think about adding faux flowers and bright lamps and accent vases. A few picks from us would be the Saffi Cream Table Lamp, the Rhododenron Plantthe Camellia Plant, and the 24" White Metal Vase.

There are plenty of ways to change your decor for the different seasons. It just take a little creativity to find what works best for you and your space. 

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