Blogger Spotlight: Somewhat Simple | Jun 2018

Blogger Spotlight: Somewhat Simple | Jun 2018

Mother of five, Stephanie Dulgarian, is the Arizona-based founder and creative director of Somewhat Simple, a lifestyle blog with a mission to help other moms simplify their everyday routines by sharing easy recipes, DIY projects and crafts, family travel ideas, and more.

 After moving into her family’s current home, Stephanie’s loft lay empty for almost two years—until Stephanie decided it was time to turn the bare room into the perfect hangout that gave her teens and their friends a stylish, functional, and inviting space to relax. With design input from her 15-year-old, she transformed the room into an envy-worthy hangout that blends comfortable traditional/industrial style with function and little touches that are sure to make it a hit.

 Read on to see exactly how she put the room together, and check out the pieces she used here:



Loft Room Reveal || Teen Hangout

(Excerpt from original on Somewhat Simple)

Comfy, durable, and stocked with snacks – here is our home loft, which happens to be the perfect teen hangout! 

 Teen loft hangout

Teen Room

If you saw any of my Instagram stories over the past 2 months, you might be wondering what’s happening with my latest room design – the upstairs loft. I’ve been terrible about showing the progress as we go because I didn’t want to give too much away! With that said, I’m finally here to give the reveal of our new loft… the perfect teen hangout!

We’ve partnered with our friends at American Furniture Warehouse for the main pieces of furniture for this space, as well as some accent accessories too!

First, let’s take a look at the loft “before” we started this project.

 Loft before room redo

Yep. We’ve lived here for almost 2 years and this space has been totally empty… minus the occasional arrangement of toys and whatever else the kids felt like playing with that day!

But since all of our toys are downstairs in our playroom and the little ones already had a place of their own, I wanted to design a space for my older kids. A place they could relax with friends. A place that was open enough for me to supervise, but private enough for them to have fun!

With the help of my 15 year old (seriously, he was so excited to help with this project!) we decided what we wanted this space to look like.

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