Blogger Spotlight | Fall Entryway Refresh with LaJena James

Blogger Spotlight | Fall Entryway Refresh with LaJena James

The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of fun décor! We partnered with LaJena James for a stylish entryway refresh to welcome fall in!

Autumn’s arrival brings fallen leaves, shorter days, and cooler mornings and nights.  Things can start to feel dull outside, which makes this the perfect time to warm up your interior décor.

I chose to update my entryway to add a bright and warm tone that can be felt as soon as my family and guests walk in. American Furniture Warehouse made it easy with various table and décor options in stock at the store that I was able to pick out and bring home same-day.

I wanted a cozy, but cheerful feel with this look, so I started this refresh with the vibrant Cornelius 5x7 Rug as a foundation. It has the perfect fall color palette to build on. I chose the Bolanburg Sofa Table by Ashley Furniture with its textured antique white finish on the base and rustic planked top. The two drawers are perfect for storing keys, sunglasses, or anything else I can quickly grab or store on the way in and out.

Now the real fun begins with adding and layering décor!

I placed the charming 28 inch Java Ceramic Table Lamp on the sofa table as a stylish light source.

Did you know you pillows aren’t just for couches and chairs? I added the Color Steps and Orange Felt Petals pillows to the base of the sofa table to fill in the area and add some extra color. 

Don’t forget about the space immediately surrounding your furniture. I used the Set of 2 Metal Vases – one on the table and one on the rug – to add more texture. I used the Tall Dark Coffee Willow Decoration to bring a hint of outdoor autumn vibes to this space. These willow decorations are a great way to fill in empty spaces in corners or right next to your table or sofa.

I chose to include my wall in this refresh as well with the Round Metal Wall Décor. The pale gold finish adds a stylish glow to an otherwise bare wall. You can add any wall décor that helps draw out the mood you want to set.

I touched up the area with a few more small knickknacks. With the finished look, the rug pulls the comforting colors of the other décor together perfectly, creating the warm vibe I was going for. Touching up your décor for a season change doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated at all. You can choose any space, even an entryway, to quickly create an inviting and inspiring fall feel.

You don't have to break the bank to create your own home refresh for fall! Raise your apple cider glasses to fall and shop my picks or choose your own at American Furniture Warehouse.