Designer's Den | Layering and Coordinating Rugs

Designer's Den | Layering and Coordinating Rugs

Rugs are often thought of as an individual design element, but did you know that you could layer rugs in your space to create a unique look? This week, we're showing you how to use texture and color to coordinate different styles by layering rugs. Tune in and shop our rug gallery in-store or at!

Layering rugs can add a unique and fun design element to any room, whether you are layering different sizes and/or textures. Layering rugs with different textures such as jute and wool or a natural sisal with a patterned rug can really add to your space's own style. Just remember not to make your layers too bulkly to prevent unsightly bulge and any safety hazards. 

Layering Rugs
A great example of utilizing different sizes and textures would be pairing the Montville Desmonia Multi-Colored 5X8 Rug with the Brindle Brazilian Authentic Hide. The pops of color and durable weave of the Montville join beautifully with the warm brown tones in of the Brindle Hide Rug and really help to anchor a space. 




Coordinating Rugs
Not only does layering help define your space, but so does coordinating! Coordinating rugs is often crucial with many modern floor plans. To make a large space feel grounded, it’s best to choose rugs that bring together a flow and a cohesive color story. One way of coordinating is by matching rugs. Repetition sparks a classic or traditional feel. Another way is by using complementary colors to the existing colors in the room to draw inspiration. It’s a different way of matching by finding like colors and using different textures and patterns. 

Pairing lovely furniture such as the Whiskey Italian Leather Sofa and Loveseat, our Larkin Tables by Sunny Designs, and the Natural Landscape Rug 8X11 creates a rich, warm harmony of tones and textures. 

Coordinating Rugs not only works in a common area, but it can pull together a dinning space. Using a rug like the Compose Charcoal 8X10 to anchor a dining table like the Retreat Trestle Table creates a cool and clean blend of colors. Adding a runner such as the Odin Rust Multi-colored Runner adds coordination and flair! 

Remember, rugs are meant to add extra personality to YOUR space. There are endless ways to style them and create your desired look.

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