Designer's Den | Exploring Desert Modern

Designer's Den | Exploring Desert Modern
We're showing you Desert Modern this week-- a minimalist mood using modern styles, bohemian touches, and inspiration from desert landscapes. Did you know AFW buyers are always adding unique furniture and accessories that stand out and inspire creativity in your home? Tune in to see our experts use Desert Modern to style the bedroom, living room and more, then stop in or shop to create your own look!

Living Room 

The living room’s star of the show is usually the sofa, and, in this set-up, that’s the Arroyo Sofa. This sofa is ideal for desert modern style because it has the brown tones that we often associate with desert terrain, but also has touches of mid-century modern style in the legs and the arms. To match the brown tones, the Burton High Back Chair and Davis Azure Fabric Chairs have been placed on the opposite sides of the sofa to create balance and harmony. Multiple accessories with galvanized metal, wood, woven textures, and greenery elevate the look even more.

Dining Room

For a dinning space, a table like the Retreat Trestle Dining Table is a fantastic choice to achieve the desert modern look. The mix of the smooth, dark wood tabletop and the black metal base pair perfectly with the faux leather Hui Vintage Black Barstools. Adding a multicolored rug like the Adore Cement Grey 8X10 Rug, cacti or succulents, vases and other accessories add dimension and texture to really bring your space alive. 

Bedroom and Other Spaces

Taking the desert modern style into the bedroom is easily done when you have the right accessories. Adding throw pillows with colors like burnt orange, blues, or browns can really add some flair and keep with the theme of desert modern. Additionally, adding other accessories and art like the Gold and Silver Round Star Wall Art and table trays add even more to the space.

Keeping continuity with other rooms in a house or apartment may seem tricky or overwhelming, but we make it easier with our great in-stock selection and everyday low prices at AFW.

Shop the desert modern style and more today!


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