Designer's Den | Blue is the New Neutral

Designer's Den | Blue is the New Neutral
We've heard your feedback, you're tired of grey and beige. This week, we're showing you ways to make blue the new neutral! Tune in to see how we're getting comfortable using blue!

We've all seen a grey sofa, a brown loveseat, or a beige sectional as the focal point of a room. That's because these colors are viewed as "safe" options. But, what if there is another neutral option? A new neutral that can provide balance, match most metals, textures, and color palettes all while stepping out of the box a bit? We're here to show you the latest trend in neutrals – blue.


You may be thinking that blue couldn’t possibly work as a neutral, but before you shoot down blue, hear us out. Blue is already a neutral most of wear and incorporate into our daily lives. Think of blue jeans. Blue jeans are styled in many ways and with various colors and fabrics each day! Blue works the same way when it comes to decorating a space. The Declan Shale Leather Sofa, as pictured above, acts as the neutral coordinating with multiple metals, colors, and textures.

Having blue as a recurring neutral in your space adds flair and dimension, even when it comes to desks and tables. As you can see here, the black Orion Sofa Table is elevated with the blues and metallics in the Blue Gold Abstract Wall Art, the blue books, and the Colisio Table Lamp

Don’t feel shy about adding additional pops of blue to your space to maintain balance either. Adding décor like the Blue Glass Vase to the Riko Cocktail Table with some greenery really brings everything together.

So the next time you are picking out a neutral for your space, why not give blue a try!

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