Adjustable Bases 101

Adjustable Bases 101

If you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom, go beyond a comfortable mattress alone and pair your mattress with an adjustable base.

Like the name suggests, an adjustable base is an alternative to a traditional box spring or foundation that provides you with the ability to adjust the elevation of the head and foot of your bed to find the most comfortable position for you. They provide great support if you like to read, watch TV, or work on your laptop from the comfort of your bed.

You can use an adjustable base as a standalone frame or you can pair it with any bed (headboard, footboard, and side rails.) They come in most standard bed sizes plus a special dual king configuration that allows the left and right sides of the bed to be operated independently. Adjustable bases work with most mattresses, including innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses; however, innerspring mattresses with a border wire are not compatible with adjustable bases.

 Aside from being able to raise the head and foot of your mattress, adjustable bases offer other convenient features. Which features a specific base has depends on whether it is a basic, intermediate, or advanced base.


 A basic adjustable base will have all the essentials: a wired remote, the ability to adjust the head and foot of the base, and a convenient one-button automatic flat feature that saves you the hassle of manually returning the bed to its flat position.


An intermediate adjustable base has all the features of a good adjustable base, but also includes a wireless remote with an integrated flashlight and a child lock feature to temporarily disable the buttons, underbed lighting, convenient presets (including an anti-snore preset and a comfortable zero-gravity preset), and the ability to save your favorite configuration.


 At the advanced level, the base also includes adjustable massage features, USB charging ports for your devices, and wall hugger functionality that slides the base back as the head raises to keep you near your nightstand.

Whether you choose an adjustable base with just the essentials or opt for a base with all the advanced features, adding an adjustable base to your bedroom is sure to take your comfort to the next level.